Atlantis autofarm teams

Do you autofarm S2 during Atlantis rise? What teams are you using?
I’ve tried Kiril-Boldtusk-Melendor-Rigard-Wu, but it can’t reliably do 15-9 (which is great for recruites).

Loot tickets. That’s the key to efficient AR farming.

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I’m farming S2:1-9N for Backpacks and Atlantis Coins, so my regular farming team works fine — that’s Li Xiu, Azlar, Grimm, Gobbler, and Thoth-Amun.

They’d be an issue in a higher Stage, where I’d switch to my stronger (and slower) farming team — Vivica, Boldtusk, Evelyn, Magni, Seshat.


All good things come to an end

I’m auto-farming 9-10. I don’t like to worry about who may die and I have a deep roster. I use Ariel-Gravemaker-Onatel-Seshat-Vivica. Can you farm faster? Probably, but I can farm the dark lord or higher levels with this team.

I autofarm S2-1-2 (easy) and S2-1-7 (easy) during Atlantis with the following team.

Just hit replay, fight, auto repeat.

What are you farming for in 9-10?

I farm S2:1-9H for backpacks, to save loot tickets and to not restart levels so frequently with auto farm. Do you feel it brings more backpacks per WE? or do you have another reason.
I autofarm with seshat-rana-ariel-kingston-red hood.

To be honest, nothing in particular. It’s a decent blend and has good food and xp per flag. Unfortunately, I’m running out of heroes to level. S3!is coming at a good time for me.

This is me, too. Similar team: Li Xiu, Azlar, Little John, Tiburtus, and Thorne (soon to be Vela).

I base my decisions on data, rather than feelings.

I’m going entirely based on Barry Farmz Here, because it’s based on a data set of many thousands of runs.

And we know from that data that Normal Stages produce more benefit per flag during Atlantis Rises than Hard Stages do, because of the WE discount being a flat 3 flags instead of proportional. So that has a more significant effect on Normal than Hard, where it’s effectively a 50% WE reduction.

To get specific:

1-9N yields 0.87 Backpacks/WE during AR
1-9H yields 0.77 Backpacks/WE during AR

So I’m getting 13% more Backpacks by farming Normal.


@Osmin. Yeah that auto-farm team isn’t going to do well above Province 12 I think. If you’ve hoarded a lot of WE flasks and not enough loot ticket, I suggest you auto-farm 6-8. You get almost as much recruits as 15-9 but it is auto-farmable by many teams because the boss is a Gil-Ra and she’s flanked by 2 useless mobs. In this situation, the clock is your biggest concern. You may not have enough time to sit in front of a phone hitting the auto-farm buttons hour after hour until you burn through your flasks. You would want to take a rainbow team of your strongest AoE hitters and maybe a Boldtusk or a Kiril to heal and buff your heroes. That will make for the most efficient auto-farming in terms of time. Trying to auto-farm 15-9 is going to be slower no matter what team you take.

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I generally just use loot tickets. But, if I’m going to auto-farm 1-9H, I’ll use:

Wu Kong, Vivica, Kunchen, Ariel, BT.

1-9N, I’ll use Li Xiu, Little John, Colen, Grimble, Frida.

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I am auto farming with Isarnia, Melendor, Marjana, Quintus, and Justice. Melendor is there because you never know how some bad board and bad AI control will screw up and some mob might get lucky and pick off one of the heroes and Melendor is there as a safety net, plus telling them “Run you Fools!”

Speaking of Auto Farming, RNGesus must’ve known I am 5 Seadragons away from completing the Avatard mission for them. I am about go through my 4th WE Flask and I have not find a single one today, not one scale. I wonder if SGG forgot to open the crates holding the Seadragons.

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I’m looking for some help to speed up my autofarm team.Currently it’s Boldtusk-Kadilen-Delilah-Vela-Proteus.

I’ve tried swapping in some more direct damage for Proteus with Tiburtus, but it hasn’t seemed to help much. I do have Sartana, Obakan, and Quintus as Purple options. Other option is to use Costume Rigard for the attack boost, and use a Red hitter like Colen or Scarlett.

Where are you farming?

Easiest way to speed up farming is to reduce the amount of hitters in your squad.

I personally run 5x AOE5 hitters.
vela, little John, Colen, costume Tiburtus, Costume Li Xiu

Between this squad I auto farm 2-1-2 nonstop :slight_smile:

I’m farming 2-9-7 right now. Have previously done 2-4-3, and a couple 2-1-x stages and they are of course faster, but I’m trying it out up here.

Reducing hitters seems like an odd phrase, since you have 5 hitters there. Did you mean reduce healers?

I swapped out Boldtusk & Proteus for Costume Rigard & Scarlett for more hitting speed. Delilah is possibly bad with the minions going off every time slowing stuff down, but it seems nice & safe. I don;t have any good non-slow multi hitters in yellow, other than a Li Xiu who is neither maxed nor costumed. I do have We, but increasing variance seems like a bad autofarming idea.

While AR i’m mostly farming S2:14:7N for Orichalcum Nuggets (and a recognizeable amount of backpacks).

When not doing this with loot tickets i use a team of fast and medium mana hero types with AoE hits:
Neith+Telluria+Grimble+Vela+Jean-Freancois, all maxed and (beside Grimble) also talented.
Yes, no deffdowners, no specialiced heal. Grimble is in while i haven’t maxed another purple 5*AOE, even while his special of kill minions doesn’t affect this special level. For higher Areas (or hard until S2:9x) i do change Grimble out for Kunchen in.

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