EnPluzz - Elioty's Data vault (and tools to come at some point in the future)

Hello everyone,

To celebrate my first forum anniversary (and my first topic ever on here), I planned to share some more of my data with you all.
I am still planning on developing some tools too but life has been busy and I did not have much time for that but it is still my plan to do so.

So first and foremost, I think one thing that is of interest for everyone is… heroes database, in CSV format, easy to import in any spreadsheet tool (Excel, Google Sheet, LibreOffice Calc…) and then to add filter and sort options as you like. I already made it in various different languages but you can ask if you would some other languages (which are already supported by the game of course).
I am still working on adding passive skills’ title and description, special skill’s description and aether power’s description but feel free to discuss any other additions you would like to see in this.

Also feel free to discuss any other thing you would like CSV file for (like quest/challenge/tower/seasonal/… event stages, my calendar predictions (in CSV format instead of markdown on the forum) or anything else).

Of course, if you notice any error, please tell me so I can look into it and fix it.



  1. For map season files, keep in mind that the resource reward values given in those files are the minimum. Food reward is random between the given number and the given number +120, for iron it’s random up to +500 and for recruits it’s random up to +2. XP is fixed, no RNG included.
    Also, in many stages, the enemies and bosses’ internal levels are randomized +/-2 so you can observe a slight difference in their stats.
  2. Added links to the summon stats.


Thank you so much for sharing this. I will match it against my data tomorrow and see if I come up with any differences. (i.e. where I’ve got it wrong :grinning: )

Once again Thank You.


Thank you @Elioty33 for sharing these with the community !


Wowsers! Thanks you @Elioty33 - I was just about to start doing this myself so thank you!


I added many quests and event already. I will add some more later.
Will also add world map (seasons) CSV files later. Will be great to look for specific enemies or bosses.
As always, feel free to discuss or give your ideas if you would like more columns/details.


I’ve done a very quick cross-reference (picked up a couple of spelling mistakes that I’d made).

Most obvious question is about Aether Powers. I thought they only applied to Rare and above but you appear to have Common and Uncommon heroes with them assigned.

Biggest problem I have is matching the accented characters in names (i.e. “Marie-Th├®r├¿se” instead of “Marie-Thérèse” or “Mj├Âlnir” instead of “Mjölnir” but that’s probably Google/Windows problem not down to you or me.

Some people might find it useful to have the title of the costume i.e. Kelile’s 3 costumes being Priestess/Shaman/Sorceress Of Dragonia. In the unlikely event that you don’t have this I can supply the vast majority.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

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That’s on SGG for giving them aether powers but not letting us limit break them :grin:

On Windows, with LibreOffice Calc at least I can choose the character set. If you can find this option in the tool you use, you need to pick UTF-8, which is a very common character set, if not the most-used one.

I can definitely add the heroes’ titles indeed. Thank you for the idea :smiley:


Such a simple thing :confounded: Thanks for the tip :man_mage:


Hello all, I updated the heroes CSV files with the new S2 costumes released today and with the addition of the heroes’ title and removal of Aether Powers for heroes (1 and 2*) that cannot reach LB2 to avoid confusion. @Oxide


Hello all, I updated the heroes CSV files with Myoin-ni earlier today.
I am working on the passive skills. I finished for the passive skill’s titles. (EDIT: not yet uploaded)
But now I am wondering, should I have in the same cell the passive skill’s title AND description (and the next cell the same for the second passive skill when applicable) or should I split it in two cells/columns?
What do you guys think?

The same question applies to aether power and special skill’s title (already present in the file) and their description (will work on those after the passives).

@PlayForFun @Oxide @Ripobin_The_First tagging the very few people that actually talked in this topic despite all the likes on the OP :grin:


Wow! I have nothing to add to the discussion but I will comment for the support and encouragement. Well done!


You know @Elioty33 , @Dudeious.Maximus will have to revise that title of yours… Not “just” an Oracle :wink:. Thank you for this. :trophy:


Thanks - this is something I’ve been meaning to get round to - but never had the time.

My vote is two cells/columns per passive. ( Name / Description).


Thank you @Elioty33 for your work! This is amazing and I admire that you sacrifice your time to gather all the data in one place and share it with us.

There is one thing that I think would be very useful, but I also know that it would require even more time and effort.
I would love to have a list of heroes like yours but with filters allowing me to get a list of heroes that i.e. are fast, ice, defense down or slow, hit-all, DoT. That means creating multiple filters for your list and adding them to every single hero.
For example Grace should have filters like (besides her color, class, rarity and so on):

  • hit 3
  • taunt block
  • SS defence down
  • EL: fiends
  • passive: resist burn
  • ability: gains mana (to make it universal for all similar abilities)
  • 2LB: attack up



Yeah, my initial thought was ‘keep it easy and put them together in one’ but actually, when it comes to filtering, as long as they’re locked putting it in two cells would look better.

As per @Sorvina - the reason I started doing my sheet was to be able to do exactly this. I don’t have preprescribed war-teams and match per opponent. I was aiming to be able to filter by skill / passive because there’s always someone I forget who might be a better fit!

You, as they say, da man.


Hey everyone, I updated the heroes CSV files with the new S3 costumes (Fenrir and Nordri) released on Monday and with the addition of the passive skills’ titles. Please tell me if you notice anything odd or wrong in the passive columns.
I will work on the passive descriptions later, I am on vacation right now (hence the bit of a delay to get the S3 costumes online) but will get it done in May. @Oxide


That’s what I was more leaning towards too :smiley:

You are very welcome. It’s quite a lot of work to get it in place at first but then it’s just a one-click thing and upload to the g-drive :wink:

For color, class, rarity (and so on), that’s indeed something you can already do with the current files. I just added passive titles so you can do that too (for some of them only though because some passive skills share the same title but don’t do the same thing, like “Effects on Special Skill” for S5 heroes). Aether powers are already in there too (“attack up” in your example). For the rest, they are tags I should be able to put in a new column (next to special skill description I think) when I work on the special skill descriptions.

Thank you for your feedback too.

Likewise, I always prepare my war teams according to the opponent I face and depending on the heroes I have left to use. I will get to work on that too :smiley:

You’re welcome :smiley:


Enjoy the well earned vacation @Elioty33 !


From another topic. (Beta-Beat)


It will come in my CSV files with the v57 game update. :smiley: