Summon Simulator Spreadsheet

Hi everyone!

Just another little project of mine.
I hope it helps you all evaluate the best choices for summoning heroes.

Have fun!

E&P Summon Simulator v1.4.0

Mobile Version - E&P Summon Simulator v1.4.0

No images of Beta Heroes will show up, due to Forum Rules.
Consider making a copy of the spreadsheet if there are many simultaneous users.
Leave a comment/like on the OP if you want me to continue updating the project.


  • Added images for the newly released heroes;
  • Added beta HOTM for January and February 2021;
  • Added new Christmas heroes.


  • Added Beta Morlovia heroes;
  • Adjusted Tavern of Legends featured heroes with the official numbers.


  • New Beta Features (they only appear if you choose to include them):
    • Added a new portal: Ninja Tower;
    • Added new Ninja Heroes;
    • Added new Ninja Troops (placeholder only, as we have no information on the official names);
  • Tavern of Legends Portal:
    • Added the current HOTM as a possible outcome;
    • Added Featured Heroes to the "FEATURED PAST HOTM (1) and (2) options;


The information on Ninja Tower may change as it is currently in beta stage.
Featured Heroes on Tavern summons were added with a supposition that they would feature two heroes at a time. The odds are not official either. I am mimicking the Costume Chamber formula for distribution of the Legendary Hero odds (featured and non-featured) due to they having similar characteristics.

-Added Frigg as a non-beta hero.
-Shows Zocc as a non-beta hero;
-Included all officially released HOTM as possible featured heroes on Atlantis portal.
-Statistics now show bonus hero/hotm. (@lernender5 suggestion)
-Added Lady Loki as a non-beta hero.
-Corrected a bug where Epic Troop Summons where returning Featured Heroes as results.
-Included Beta Heroes;
-Included option to consider or disconsider Beta Heroes;
-Included all Legendary Valhalla heroes as possible featured heroes.
-Corrected a bug where non-costume Featured Heroes were showing up on Costume Chamber Portal.
-Made a feature to choose a Desired Hero and if you got it after the pulls. (Thanks @Raych for the suggestion)
-Made the spreadsheet automatically choose “Secret Hero” when using the Tavern of Legends Portal.
-Corrected a bug where Valhalla heroes were not showing correctly.
-Release version.

Hero Academy - Retrain Simulator

-Release version.


You might want to consider an instruction page that explains how it works. It looks good, but I didn’t get it (I’m using a phone, not a computer, does that make a difference?) :wink::+1:


Thank you for the feedback @Rook

I added a header with instructions.

I don’t know if it works on iOS devices (don’t have one), but I tested on Windows/Android operational systems and it seems fine.


Another great add :+1:

Need to try on windows. I made a similar much more simple about 3 to 5* with the odds. Very frustrating the results. Great work.


Oh, if several people want to use it at the same time, that’s not a good idea. :joy:

That’s true. This is why I put in the instructions to make a copy if there were many simultaneous users.


Thanks @Raghstpart :smile:

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great tool, thanks leonyudi.
I just “got” Thorne on on my fifteenth 10 pull. Good to keep in mind

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I made this tool after 120 Avalon pulls with no Legendary Event Heroes. :sweat_smile:

It makes us aware of the reality.


heard that! I was in the same boat, except I did get Joon. No Black Knight for me this time around…

Very interesting. I played with it for a while, and the simulated results seemed pretty consistent with my experience in the past.

Nice work on your part, but it makes me wonder why anyone would pay for draws!

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I did use the odds informed by the game. Seems like they’re not lying :rofl:


New feature added: Desired Hero.

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That was fast! Thanks man

Bug correction update.

New featured added (anonymous person suggestion).
Check it out on the new link.

Consider making a copy of the spreadsheet if there are many simultaneous users.
Leave a comment/like on the OP if you want me to continue updating the project.

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Onde again. It’s awesome… Great great job. I couldn’t replicate my in-game good/bad Luck in 13 pulls= 4 noor’s. That’s why I’m. Not pulling anymore in this month, if I received another noor my phone wouldn’t survive the wall encounter. Lol.

Good tool. You may need to check troops . I pulled 10x it’s listing 5 *

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Thanks for making me aware @MrThala. It’s fixed.

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