Coppersky - The search for minions!

Ok, so there’s a number of resources that I’ve been trying to keep updated, in addition to all the other things I do in the E&P community. It’s time I reach out and look for some helpers!

I would love to have someone that can work with google sheets to help maintain Artemis’s spreadsheet for maxed heroes. It needs to be kept up to date when updates come out (changes to stats/specials), and for event heroes and Heroes of the Month to be added.

The other resource is a little more work. To it needs to have all new heroes entered as they are released, and updates to stats as they happen, but the spreadsheets actually look at the heroes when they’re at certain points in their ascension, so they have to be either hunted for, or find folks to send you pics of their heroes. Ideally there would be several folk working on this one!

If anyone is interested in helping maintain either of these resources, please let me know!


Hey I sent this response to you on another topic page, too:
Hey, I just finished amassing every 2* & above Hero’s fully leveled & ascended stats, not counting event Heros, as of version 1.7.3 Build 405. I also have stats with pics of the last 3 monthly special heros at max level of each Ascension, including Alberich. I’d love to help keep the info you have gathered current with you/for you. I have the stats info in Excel spreadsheet format (Google docs) and strive to keep it all updated. I mostly share it with my alliance and use it for reference, but would be glad to add in to your page instead of creating a new page on the forum. If you’re interested, please let me know. Thanks again and take care!

@Coppersky Hi Copper,

I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can!

I’m not sure if you have much information on Musashi at the second tier ascension maxed, but I have him at level 60 on ascension level 2 waiting to be leveled up to his third ascension. So, I thought I would share his info with you. I have included a Screen Shots to make it easier.

I would be happy to continue to send you screen shots of my different heroes as they reach the ascension points outlined in your spreadsheet, if you don’t already have their information on there .

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with anything further or if you need more information regarding Musashi.

Kind Regards,

Good luck on the compass! May you get it soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was busy with family and work today, but will do my best to contact you both when I am able to tomorrow!


No problem! Family is what’s most important.

@Rook Thank you, Me too!!! I actually need 3 of them…lol…

I actually need several ascension items. I will have Kadilen ready to ascend by the end of the day and my other level 4* heroes ready to ascend within the next few days to the 4th Tier. Lol…

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I am very familiar with google sheets as I use it to track our attacks statistics… if you still need a helping hand jus ask!

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Thank you for the offer! I will let you know if I need further help with something!

Please update Aeron’s tier 2 and 3 stats.

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