Emblems zeline》》》 Jean Francois?

I got 18 emblems on Zeline. Is it wise to bring them to Jean Francois?

My def setup is kingston finley kunchen joon and gm.
So I don’t use zeline.

This also means I will try jf on defense. Please your opinions

No, dispel and att debuff are much better than the weird special combo of Mr. Fireball.

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I can’t see swapping out GM for JF in any scenario except events where you know you are going to take armor debuffs or against green titans. GM easily tops out JF in raid defense and offense.

I can understand that Zeline is a little redundant for you having Kingston, but there are so many other good 5 and 4-star heroes that could use those emblems.

You have Kunchen as tank, your other heroes are solid and two DoT of the same kind can’t coexist…

keep your emblems on Zeline.

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