Emblems/defence team

I just maxed Jean Francois as my 30th 5*. My defence team is currently from left: Joon-C, Ursena, Telluria, Vela, Tyr. Would it improve by say setting JF on left flank and Seshat on right wing and skip Ursena and Tyr? I have lot’s of emblems I could spend on JF, but I’m also thinking of emblemming Ariel in stead. So - Ariel or JF? And would my defence team improve sufficiently to not prioritize emblems for one of the best healers in the game? I’m steadily around 2600-2700 trophies anyway …

I can’t imagine you would find a significant difference between C-Joon/Ursena/Telly/Vela/Tyr and C-Joon/JF/Telly/Vela/Seshat. Both should work great.

JF is a Wizard and Ariel is a Cleric so I’m not sure what you mean by the second part. If it’s a matter of resources (ham and iron) I would go with Ariel for the reason you stated.

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I got it wrong, didn’t I - sorry. In my head they would be competing for emblems :smile:

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i would go with
jf - tel - vela
and wings: any combination: seshat left and joonC right or joonC left and tyr right
but i like the latter, with 2 revivers :smiley:


jf def protect is so annoying against falcon, eve, kirilC, vivC etc