Put Wizard emblems on Anzogh or Jean Francois

Good evening I

This is my Anzogh . I have maxed him and put emblems on him. Now I start maxing Jean
Francois. Should I remove the emblems from Anzogh ? My only descent Tank or some from Proteus who helps me with Epic events . All in favour of Jean Francois. Please help : is JF wearth it to remove the emblems ?

I vote for Zog.

I think Zog is very underrated. He is pretty solid on defense. If you don’t have GM, this is your guy.

JF should only be used on offense when stacking against Kunchen or Isarnia. JF often does no damage on defense with his dot against anyone who attacks with Grazul + Vivica (or whoever).

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A comparison I did in another thread: here the link
To me Jean-François is overall a better tank than Anzogh.


Thanks , so should I rip the emblems from Proteus?

Once you’ll have him ready to go you can start with resetting Anzogh, followed by Proteus.

I don’t have either Anzogh or JF, but have to say that Proteus is possibly the only 4* I wouldn’t reset, at all.

In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, I would max each of them but JF as a priority over Anzogh.
You won’t regret it. Good luck

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I already use Anzogh a long time. Fairly my only descent tank. Will JF remove him with they job having Anz’s emblems?

I wouldn’t remove emblems from Anzogh to be honest. A lot depends on your alliance and if they co-ordinate tank colour. But JF is good against a purple Kunchen tank.

I was in the same situation and chose to let the emblems on Anzogh.
If you go the attack route, you benefit of both increased damage and increased heal from Anzogh.
I don’t have plenty of healers in my roster so I made that choice. And I don’t regret it.

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