Jean Francois best synergy heores

So, I have heard arguments like : JF is good, he only needs a strong team around him on defense. So, with defense in mind:

  1. What kind of heores would work best with him?

  2. Are there any specific ones?

  3. Or is it that he needs a specific set of heroes on his team to shine?

Any discussion based on theory or practice is welcome!

Hey! I’m just basing this on my opinion though; I have JF at 3:70 now (saving Tomes for Fenrir, Marjana and possibly Telluria).

JF is good, but the only lacking thing I found is no initial damage. With emblem, his DoT could be as potent as GM; perhaps more (I’ve encountered 200+ damage per round).

The problem I have is fitting him into my team.

  • I wouldn’t use him for my raid defense (I have Kunchen at 17 talent, Kage at soon-to-be-19, Justice at 16, Lianna and Magni.)
  • I couldn’t really use him much in war because;
    – There isn’t much Green tank to be honest
    – He doesn’t fit into my red mono team of BT 20, Wilbur 20, Santa 4, Azlar, and G Falcon.
  • Same goes to Titan, as I’ll take out Santa and have Tarlak in instead.

So the question really is; how does he fits into your team/current hero and your strategy.
He’s good no doubt; I like him despite what people says but I can’t seem to find a place for him in my team.

He’d be awesome with the Easter heroes that give themselves negative defense. I’m also thinking it’s not as much who you have as much as who you’re fighting. There are a lot of Kunchen tanks out there he could counter.

Personally, he’s my first red 5* after I had 19 others and 14 rings, so I’m very excited. His stats aren’t tanky, but his special is. I’m thinking about stripping Sartana of her emblems to beef him up as I feel a red tank is preferable for Alberich in my wing. I’m torn though. Richard is my current tank. I may just build his emblems moving forward and leave my defense redless for now. Hmmm…


thats a great hint … with the easter heroes
you sure it will trigger in right way?
does all members get that boost or just one ?
as example with him

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I thought of that, and use him in a few raids to test it out. As it turns out;

  • If JF manage to fire before Kunchen, you’ve got good board to actually win in the first place.
  • If Kunchen fires first, JF special sort of wasted in the first place.

Hence; he’s a great support hero, but not necessarily perfect counter for Kunchen. Timing is essential, and it works like, 30% of the time for me.

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This could be another thread for it, no one actually thought of it!

i test it out its just that heroe who get that dmg wich get that +42 def bonus.
So it boost that Matser Lepus up for exmpl.

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DoT burn from JF or any DoT heroes does not have advantage from defense down.
EDIT: oops, you means JF in the same teams with Easter heroes, I see :+1: :wink:

JF is a good hero in my opinion and I hope have him maximized at the end of path of valor, after take the last ring.

I think all snipers are a good option to play with him. JF as tank and fast snipers to finish the work.

Willboor can be a offense option too.

Vela ,Telluria and JF could be an excelent defense.

Against Titans that debuff defense, he can play as a option too.

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I have him at +8 defense and health route, with a mana troop lvl13 does 182 per round.

I use him with Zimkitha in 3-2 formation, combined they are a sturdy Swiss Army knife with decent damage to all at fast speed. If you fire them twice which happens often they can put the whole enemy team in serious trouble.

Against tougher teams with green tank I play him in mono with the following formation:


The added crit to tiles plus the other buffs/debuffs Works great and Lancelot makes him and zim fire again faster

Other than that I like him with proteus+victor too, their dots stack for very nice numbers, specially on victor’s victims (182JF+128Prot+198Vict=508 Max per round on single target with my current stats) Working on a second proteus and vela to add them to a DoT squad. I’ll report back when I have them ready (scopes have become elusive)

Interesting… I’ve found it works more often than not - with JF at 3.70 (in red mono) I’m beating more Kunch than Kunch are beating me.

I don’t think you necessarily need a great board for it, you just need one that’s not catastrophically bad.

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Agree mate, that’s why I’ve mentioned that I’ve got to have good board (partially because I used Santa, Azlar, BT20 and Wilbur 20), and my JF’s at 3-70. I’ll probably need to try taking out Santa and have Marjana in (just got her finally!) and see if that makes a difference; 2 slow hero and 2 passive hero is really affecting me. As of now, my Red mono isn’t that great for JF to actually make a difference.

Ahh well yea too much slow can be a problem if they don’t get to fire.

I’m generally using BK7, Wilbur19, Falcon15 and G.Kong2 with mine… The AoE fires noticeably earlier on Kong, hits harder because of both Falcon and BK - it’s not unusual to kill 4-5 in one turn with this team.

Falcon +20; Zim +19; Anzogh +4; Marjana; JF+2 is working nicely atm


I have Falcon and JF. Hoping to pull Anzogh during Atlantis this weekend. It’s a VERY slim chance, but I’m still hoping. Thanks for the input, @Halifax. I was kind of wondering this myself.

If I put Wilbur in for Marj and Santa in for JF, once charged it wipes out the entire enemy team… but it’s so dependent on everyone charging and still being alive and w Santa slow, it fails a lot. (but damn it’s sweet when it works)

Instead, I find Marj lets me snipe down the biggest threat and JF usually kills 2 after his burn finishes. I may be replacing JF with Kestrel, who I’m working on atm.

MAke sure to fire Marj before JF or shell overwrite his burn on the targeted hero

After I pulled JF I asked on the main thread for him about how he works with the Springvale bunnies and someone was kind enough to test him with them to check if if flipped their defence down and confirmed that it worked to reverse their ailment. I suspect my post and the reply were lost amidst all the arguing about JF and the nerf though.

I certainly intend to run him with any Springvale defence down hero I manage to pull (if I pull any of course).

I am hoping that the new Easter heroes and their side effects will all eventually have a similar hero to counter their side effects. I believe that at least one of the others besides defence down already does, but am not sure about the rest.

JF will almost always lose one component of his special to Kunchen and apply one other. If Kunchen fires second, he will dispel the burn but activate the defense ailment protection, and if JF fires second, he will not counter Kunchen’s defense down but will apply the burn damage to all.

There is a sweet spot where you can get JF’s full special if you manage to fire JF three turns before Kunchen fires but that’s just a lucky break.

– There isn’t much Green tank to be honest

Well, we now have bunch of Green tanks these days in Telluria. :slight_smile:

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JF and Killhare are a match made in heaven, as long as you can fire JF first

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