Which 4* yellow for defense?

My current team Left to right is Kiril. Lianna. Anzogh, Hu Tao, and Rigard.

I am kind of on the fence about my defensive team and am trying to find a way to make it a bit better.

Do you think that Hu Tao, Chao, or Wu Kong, or Danza fits best? Assuming that I could use any of them, of course.

Li is the best classic, but Hu or Chao if you don’t have her. I’ve been against Wu and Danza plenty of times. The latter usually freezes himself and Wu works if you can’t get a dispel off, but those misses have won me quite a few raids.

I used Danza at tank for a long time. He has high HP and def, and with talents, he adds evade. Then, he gives you a 66% chance of doing something awesome when he fires. Held me in the 1900 to 2100 cup range until I maxed Poseidon.


I’d go with Chao as as your second fast sniper(?) and have on the wing along with lianna.

Chao kiril anzogh rigard lianna.

It’s pretty healer heavy. If kiril heals, then anzogh or rigard fires while your heroes have max health, it’s redundant.

Find the best blue red or dark hero to complement your current defense.

Ideally a defense down like grimm or tibs. Also hope you can get proteus as a great mana controller.

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I have Grimm, would you still go with Chao if Grimm was in place of kiril? Something along the lines of Rigard, Grimm, Anzogh, Chao, Lianna? Or you then Use Hu Tao or someone else… like Rigard, Grimm, Anzogh, Hu Tao, Lianna?

Chao grimm anzogh rigard lianna.

I like fast mana on the wings.

Okay - I will try that out, I also have the following heroes… Based on these, what do you think the optimal setup for defense is?

Red: Anzogh, Colen, Boldtusk, Sumitomo, Wilbur, Gormek

Blue: Grimm, Sonya, Kiril

Green: Lianna, Jack O’hare, Skittleskull, Kashrekk

Yellow: Wu Kong, Chao, Hu Tao, Danzaburo

Purple: Rigard, Merlin, Cheshire Cat

If you do put Chao on wing, I recommend he gets some emblems to boost his attack, as otherwise I don’t think he’s a very good sniper. Even though his durability is great, the same can’t really be said about his attack.

See… I kind of thought the same thing… what do you recommend based on my above post? I have lianna reserving my ranger emblems… so giving them to Chao isnt really an option.

Personally I don’t find Chao threatening as a wing, more so as a flank. Even though he’s fast, the mana cut may not make much of a difference in the corner where he’ll fire less, and probably after your opponent has already had a chance to use their special skills.

I’m not really sure if Chao is the answer here either. I’d rather keep Hu Tao over Chao… he may be frail and slow but his blindness effect is actually crippling, compared to a single mana cut (also depending on who the AI chooses to target).

I’d rather go with Danzaburo. He’s funny when he messes up and freezes his own mana, but on the other hand he has a 2/3rds chance of crippling the attacking team or greatly aiding his own team. It won’t be consistent but the good effects are overall better than Rumpelstiltskin’s.

Lianna | Kiril | Anzogh | Danzaburo | Rigard

Personally that’s what I’d do.


I like that… I might put Grimm in place of kiril, however.

I agree with the comments suggesting Danza for your defense team. I wouldn’t feed him at the expense of Wu (because being able to wound titans and complete stages is way more important than your war defense), but… I think he’s a highly underrated member of a defense team.

He’s as unpredictable for your opponent as he is for you. He has pretty tanky stats and can outright win you a match. With some rogue emblems he’s even more annoying.

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