Danzaburo or Hu Tao?!

Looking ahead into which Holy 4* to bring up to 3/60 next, I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel!

Now, I actually see quite a few Hu Taos at the bottom of Plantinum arena where I’ve been sitting quite comfortably for a few weeks. He’s not completely useless as he will help fill in my war roster and replace a 3* eventually.

Once he fires, his blind can be quite devastating. I’ve set off a cascade of combos and I watch in horror at all the “misses.” Then to miss on my sniper’s special skill that starts the downward spiral before I lose the raid.

But, Danzaburo is not one I have played against too many times. His “magic trick” has the ability to just be complete poo.

My question is, would you feed him before Hu Tao?

I still have 2 holy 4* to bring up to 3/60 before i get to these guys, so it’s gonna be a couple more weeks still. There is also no plan to ever use either on defense, so they will probably never see a precious orb and more importantly gloves!

Id do Danzaburo rather than Hu Tao, expecially if you are fighting 3* and 4* heroes.
He have more ATK, DEF and HP than Hu Tao on top of being faster.


If you can wait for LiXiu…

Or WuKong :))


I have Wu kong ×2 and Li Xiu. I’m working on Li Xiu right now. I also have Chao maxed and Jackal at 3/60. I also have Bane, Dawa and Kailani all maxed.

As i said, neither are getting any unfarmables.
Really, I’m wondering how good Danzaburo is when you compare him to Hu Tao.

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I’ll take Danza every day of the week and twice on Sunday when compared to Hu. But then again I have Rumplestiltskin and enjoy playing with him in my lineup as well. Danza is fun, because youre never sure what your going to get…He hits hard when he hits!!!


My alt has Danzaburo and is very happy playing with him. He’s unreliable but can really swing a battle with either of his good skills. The Freeze isn’t horrible when it happens, just inconvenient.


Would you consider leveling him in addition to a 30 hero war bench? (Have 6 at 80 and 24 at 70) for flexibility? Worth it for wars only? I‘d like to rather go dupes BT or Kiril but Im swimming in orbs…

Right now I have my main team and 13 other teams that I am currently leveling up…Yes I said 13, I have a total of 192 hero’s at the moment, some are doubles like kiril and drake, magni, King Arthur, couple of 3* fully leveled teams, etc so yes I would definately level the little teddy bear, in fact he is at 2* 22 for me right now. I have a team of S2 4* heros and he’s one of them along with Proteus, Sumitomo and Tritan. Gobbler is the only one that I’ve fully ascended due to the Christmas heros having minions who I thought would be more powerful than they are. I use all my teams to farm and mix and match in the wars, gives me a lot of flexability

Ana in I agree with Ray. Danzaburo is good in a Hail-Mary team: if his special comes up good,he can really help. Or he could lead to a failure if he comes up frozen, but if the team needs help to eke out a victory, Danzaburo might be that bit of magic.

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Thanks for your opinions @Kerridoc @Ray008. Then the little Ewok will get some food

Thanks @Kerridoc and @Ray008. That was basically the answer i was looking for. So, after I’m done with Li Xiu, I’ll start working on the little dude who looks like he should be in a star wars movie. Eventually even Hu Tao is gonna get some feeders.

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