Emblem Question (Second/Third Hero in Class)

I am wondering how people are distributing their emblems after you have your war/raid defense up at +18/+19/+20.

For instance, when it comes to Fighter emblems, I have Poseidon at +19, then I have Lady Loki at +7. Would you guys take Lady Loki higher, or would you start another Fighter and take them to +7? I’m using +7 as the cut-off due to tiers 8 and 10 being 125 emblems each, as well as +7 already getting 3/5 of the emblem talent skills.

I’m interested to see how people are using their emblems.

Edit - Another thing to note is, a +18 hero takes roughly the same amount of emblems as 3x +7 heroes, if that makes a difference to anyone. :slight_smile:

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One I get my main defence heroes to +18/+19 I start to emblem heroes I use much more in raids and the map and tournaments etc.
I try to get 4* to +11 and my other 5* to +9
I only ever put one emblem on my best 3*

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I generally prioritize my 4star heroes first and neglect 3 stars. 4 stars with emblems are very usable in war (and other ways) and I’d rather build out my depth in most cases. I have 16 fours tar heroes with 18 emblems. They all get used. I have emblemed several 5 stars up to 18 emblems because I don’t have a better alternate use for those emblems.

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This thread has a lot of comments on whether you should make your defense team as strong as possible (which it seems you have done).

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I definitely do have some emblemed 4* heroes too. Some were necessities like Jackal/Falcon/Wilbur for my various titan teams. Some were because I didn’t have better options, like Sabina and Skittles (I only have 1 5* sorcerer, and it’s Norns). I even have emblemed Cheshire Cat! On top of the 5* I have leveled, I currently have 9 4* heroes at +18 or better.

I have not, and will never, emblem a 3* hero! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - And yes, I’ve made my war defense all +19/+20. Most of the defenses my alliances faces are 4500 and higher.

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