These Emblems Need a Home

So I would like some advice to who to give my emblems to. My defense currently is Seshat+18, GM+18, Telly+18, Vela+19, Drake+15 (need more emblems to get him to +18). Aside from Drake needing more, and Vela having been +19 before all the back and forth buffs/nerfs I’m not adding anymore emblems to my defense.

The heroes I have emblems on beyond that are:

•Barbarian - Grimm+9, Nordri+18
•Cleric - Ariel+7, Hansel+19, Lady W+7
•Druid -
•Fighter - Magni+7, Kingston+7, Poseidon/BP/BT/Colen+1 (just for talent activation), Gato+18
•Monk - Joon+1 (to activate fighter costume talent), Wilbur+20
•Paladin - Ei Dunn+18
•Ranger - Isshtak/Squire Wabbit+18
•Rogue - Marjana+7, Jackal+19, Scarlett+1
•Sorcerer - Ursena+9, Skittleskull+11
•Wizard - Proteus+20, Kiril+3, Hisan+18
——— note: 3*s emblemed for events only ———

So now here’s my current emblems in inventory:

All that said…So my defense is pretty much done, and I have heroes for rare events done, what heroes would be the best options for placing these emblems? I want to compete in epic and legendary events soon just an FYI. Posting screenshots of the current options (5/4* maxed), and a couple of classes where I have a lot of options that are also not leveled yet. If you think I should wait for more emblems, that’s an option too. Sorry for the long post, but thanks for all feedback in advance :heart:

The pictures kind of posted out of order, but I’m sure most of us know which classes belong to who.

I just wake up from a long nap, my blurry vision suggest you to emblem Grimm, Kiril and Gunnar (for C-Gunnar and you will increase your blue team strength for epic challenges.

Cleric: mist.

Druid: I´d emblem belith and you will have one of the strongest 3* heroes ATM with her costume.

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When it comes to the Cleric, you can’t go wrong with White Rabbit.

Druid would be a toss up between Zim and Lepus. Depending on whether you need a cleanser or striker more in you line up. If you need neither, then Gullinbursti or Alby would be a good choice.

Ranger, my choice is Finley if you can ascend him., with Evelyn coming in at #2.

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White Rabbit, Gazelle are the main ones that stick out also Finley. Heimdall for paladin. The cat in the hat for rogue. Zeline/Guiene for wizard

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White Rabbit needs emblems and I’d give some more love to Ariel. Ariel could replace Vela on defense, she is a pain for those of us that rely on Mitsuko’s reflect. Give Grimm more emblems, cheap for a 4 star and he’s a titan specialist. Uresena is always useful, I’d up her too.

Impressive roster, color me jealous!

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Would using CGunnar and Grimm be an issue with the def down?

I usually raid mono against Telly defenses, so I definitely use Zimkitty all the time. But Lepus is a staple in legendary events blue team, so it may be more important to emblem him first

Great choices suggested for far, I definitely agree with WR, I will just have to pause Lady W and Ariel since there isn’t enough for him and them. But if I can get him down to 7th node like them I think that would be good

I notice you have King Arthur maxed so you don’t really need Grimm for Titans.

I have to say, I’m jealous of your choices and the amount of 'blems you’ve managed to save up.

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Babarian emblems could/should go to Kage. He hardly ever leaves my lineup, his dispel before damage is just way to good.

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Yes I use him and C Magni on my titan team

So far, I went ahead and gave my Paladin emblems a home, and still have a couple left over. Since he’s a staple in rare and epic events why not until I can max Heimdall or finish Frida at least.

if you fire Grimm after Gunnar enemies will be melt. (I´ve seen C- Gunnar in some challenge top scores probably pirates) But, thinking twice Jott could be a heavier combo.

Kiril+ C - Gunnar + Jott = Armaggedon.

Oops. Didn’t tag the original poster it was meant for. My bad.

However, funny thing is all my left over Paladin emblems went to Gunnar as well.

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I feel like I don’t have enough emblems when I see how many heroes be fully loaded on other rosters LOL

I’m think CGunnar/Nordri/Jott/Kiril/Triton for a blue epic team event team. Already have Nordri and Gunnar done, and I can take Kiril to +20 and still have leftover. I can bring Jott and Triton down quite a bit too.

I’m considering the event heroes strongly because I do mono a lot in raids and even wars. I still do 3/2 and 4/1 during some wars, but mono teams are used most since Telly meta has made me lazy lol

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I really enjoy using my Little John in Epic (especially against Dark reflect when Proteus is no use). I also use him for mono Nature Raids and War - with Brynhild by his side and or a 17+ mana troop, he’s very effective. Also a beast in 4* Rush Attack Raid Tournaments.

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Don’t compare your awesome roster to other’s line ups. If you want to feel better, compare it to mine LOL!

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