Thoughts on Emblems usage

Do you think it’s better to use emblems on the one hero each class or better to build evenly.

The way I see it , if you try max heroes with emblems each class , your building more a defence team , whilst using multiple heroes you build up your overall attack

Since any D team can be punished by good boards to me it seems building a deep bench for your attack seems more prudent

What do you think ?

I choose attack heroes mainly thoose i use for titans… but depens on your playstile i guess so im not a great help!

I agree, but 10 at a time was plenty for me.

I’m taking 4* heroes to +18, and then moving onto the next priority from each Class.

Focusing on only 4* heroes and stopping at +18 gets a lot of mileage out of Emblems vs. using them on 5* or trying to max our heroes.


It really does depend on your priorities but personally I (being c2p) needed a little boost for my all tc20 defense team because Wars are important to me and my alliance so I’m giving emblems to 4 out of 5 of my D team (all 5 stars) then spreading out the rest. The fighter class for instance, I think is a good one to bring 2-3 heroes up to at least the 4th talent to give them a decent shot at revival but Lancelot +6 has a 786 attack stat so…I think in general spreading them out makes the most sense but alot of it depends on the hero, how much you rely on them, and what the talent is. I go case specific I guess Lol.

Favorites to +4 and further emblems to key heroes.
(most used, def etc.)

This is my spread talent strategy.


Thanks some good opinions

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