Emblems for Wars/Defense or Titans?

Emblems are becoming pretty common and wanted to hear opinions on which 5* heroes you would prioritize for emblems?

Would they be for your titan heroes?
Panther or Eve?
I’m going to reset both for Finley and Kingston. May also reset Alasie.
We chain 14* and I usually take Wilbur to share damage so the emblems on them is not really needed.

As long as you are part of an alliance, you should focus on AW with your emblems. Titans can be killed anyway. With emblems or not. But the wars can be lost easily, with weak defenses. Besides, usually a grade B at titan has better loot than A.

I typically prioritize Titan teams for leveling, but for Emblems I think War is a bigger priority — both your Defense and Offense.

Defense can be aided by Emleming your 5* defenders, and Offense can be aided by using those heroes on attack, but also by Embleming key 4* heroes. I’d much rather have 3 Emblemed 4* heroes to use across attacks than a single 5*.

Once you have 30+ 5* or Emblemed 4*, building more bench depth in Emblemed 4* will start to have diminishing value. At that point I’d switch to Embleming heroes you use for Titans or Challenge Events and haven’t already Emblemed, or just Embleming more 5*.

Knowing what your roster looks like overall would give some insight into where to prioritize, but based on what I’ve seen of your roster in the past, I suspect that you probably have enough 5* leveled that you’re probably not going to need much bench depth from your 4*.


For emblems, it is for heroes I know I am gonna be using a lot. Be it in the campaign, titans, raids or AWs. Like right now on my main, I am still trying to get Proteus, Grimm, Li Xiu, Chao, and several other heroes to +15 so they can have their talent at 5/5. To take beyond that is gonna be some heavy usage. For instance, Brienne and Melia, I plan on going to +20. Belith I am just gonna have her stay on +15.

@Scarecrow thanks we face alliances that have several players with 5-6 maxed 5* teams and maxed troops. They usually target our strongest members.

I’m usually attacked less even though I have one of the weaker defenses. I think it’s because most are snipers with mana troops so total points for killing me is less than for other teams. I’m hoping it will take that second flag to kill me when some opponents are using their 3-6th teams.

@zephyr1 Before, I had priority to give emblems to my titan heroes but now with reset emblems being so common, trying to improve my war scores.
Using Wilbur still so emblems are not as critical for Panther and Eve. That and my loot drop has been the absolute worst.

@MysterySpin, I’d like your opinion on this too.


I’d agree mostly with everything @zephyr1’s assessment above really so I’ll avoid repeating that and stick to other points.

Whilst I’ve done a lot of in depth research into embleming 4* (to the point of building a tool to compare how various paths through each tree cause a hero to stack up against an unemblemed 5*) by the time it came to looking more closely into the 5* s we got the news report from the beta beat that costumes would allow heroes to change classes which was going to require changes to my tool and as stuff in beta is always subject to change I halted that work until the feature is released so whilst I’ve a fairly good idea about specific 4* to emblem I’ve not given much time to 5* s yet as I’ve not had need to as I’ve been prioritising 4* I wish to keep using - as by the time we see 5* +20 defences any 4* you have that don’t have emblems on will not be able to keep up.

I go into more detail as to why I’ve opted for 4* first and the criterion on which I’ve chosen them more in this post here: Are emblems deteriorating the point of having a 'strong' and 'wide' war roster? - #77 by MysterySpin

But without having specific rosters to comment on some general points.

  1. Naturally if you’re facing high level Titans and you’ve any squishy 4* crucial to your team then emblem them for more durability. I can’t think of a 4* hero that is so exclusively Titan-only that you can’t also use them in wars offensively.

  2. If embleming a classic hero, you may now need to consider whether you may later regret the path you’ve chosen if you get a costume for it later. For instance if I had for instance put emblems on either Rigard or Sonya for example right now I’d have certainly been really annoyed as the path I’d have chosen for their original version translates horribly on to their costumed version’s tree.

  3. Alliance wars favours more balanced rosters. Increasing the strength of your roster also increases the war score that in turn matches you against a stronger enemy. Improving your returns in alliance wars isn’t just a case of improving your roster but improving your roster relative to your war score. With the greatest weighting on your top 5 heroes piling all your resources into them at the expense of the rest of the roster pushes up the war score further to face even stronger foes that your weaker 4th, 5th and 6th attack teams will struggle against whereas a more balanced distribution of resources means the war score goes up less and your weaker teams have better chances of getting better scores.

  4. You can nullify tank-coordination strategies by having 40 war ready heroes (8 in each colour). Colour coordinating tank strategies hope to put you in a position where you will need to rely on using heroes weak against the tank colour. If however you’ve 40 war ready heroes spread evenly across each colour then regardless of the colour the enemy chooses you’ll have 32 heroes available not weak to the tank colour at your disposal. Emblemed 4* heroes certainly help to get you to 40 5* ish quality heroes if you’ve yet to collect enough 4* AMs.


For me personally, my emblem strategy is simple.

I emblem the hero who gives me the most versatility… I.e. which hero am J going to get the most use out of embleming…

Typically these heroes appear both in my war defence and normal defence… They also are frequently used in raiding and verse titans…


I honestly think the best strategy is just keep trying to improve. I focus on my top three in each color ( healer being important- Ariel kunch Lady Lake Grazul Delilla) , heavy hitter and defense down/elemental down. Then adding improvements too the rest when I can ( new 5* leveled , spare emblems- not defense emblem classes). I’m war focused- funnest part of the game imo because that’ll give you decent titan teams ( 3 plus a emblemed Wilbur-Miki/Ranvir). I’ll reset emblems when needed if it improves my higher use players. Cause you only live once

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