Defense tweek

I like to run difficult questions here as I am only 3.5 months into playing. My current raid defense includes a newly promoted Scarlett, currently emblemed to 8, but have enough to get her to 13. Heimdall (4-29), Rigard with costume (14), Chao (11, enough to get to 13), and Grimm (14).

I am thinking of removing all of my emblems from Chao and giving them to Tiburtus with Costume. If I don’t want to have 2 purples, I could then sub out Rigard and give his emblems to Mist, who recently completed leveling. I have 3 reset emblems.

Which group makes a better defense?

I also have Kiril with 241 unspent wizard emblems, Wilbur (10), Caedmon (9), Boldtusk (9), LJ (4-70). Sartana, Joon, Richard and Elena all at 3-70. I am almost done with Brynhild 4-68, and Sonya (4-61) with costume (4-53).

Also, please send hams.

You could try this C. Sonya BoldTusk Mist C. Tiburtus Heimdall

But I would like to point out 2 things: you have a lot of fun heroes to choose from. Meaning you can adapt your defense to what the context ask for (tournaments or wars).

Second thing I would advice you to stop emblems on 4* at the 7th node. Because the 8th one cost 40 and is a big investment that I would only advice to do on heroes that you will keep using even after they get out of your A team and drop to your B/C team.
Examples of said heroes are Boldtusk, Rigard, Wilbur (as you can see, mostly defensive heroes which are the ones that allow you to do combos or survive long enough to combo other heroes). So they utility doesnt drop even as time goes, which is not the same we can say about other heroes. Scarlet for example has 1 really good thing emblemed and that is Tile dmg (that will help you on titans and rankings on challenges) but even with her 20% dodge class perk, she still will die from 6/9 tiles.

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Hams will come, just keep toiling away at those buildings. Raids are also a good source.

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Working on it. I have 6 farms at 19, one in construction to 19 and 2 at 18. SH 21 is in process so I can have an advanced farm relatively soon.


I don’t know whether this is best practice, but I find applying emblems eats up a huge amount of ham and iron, so if it’s getting worryingly low I just hold off on upping their talents until it all evens out again. Likewise troops are much hungrier than heroes for some strange reason. (Maybe because there are more of them!) Dunno how you are with potions etc, but I like to keep them topped up by doing a few at a time, otherwise you suddenly need a load for an event etc and don’t have the resources. Instant panic! Or maybe that’s just me as well…

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Thanks. My biggest problem is a lack of patience. Due to money spent, I am farther along than most 3.5 month players, but I want to catch up immediately. I probably can get Path of Valor to level 50, although 48 is good enough for me, but I don’t see how I can win 60 raids in Diamond. I manage to get to 2400 cups and then I’m beaten back down to 2100-2200. I think I managed to get 9 victories so far. I was hoping that a better defense would assist in winning more, but it’s difficult when I keep getting paired with team power of 4000. I end up rerolling a lot.

I should learn to enjoy the grind.

Hey, if you could bottle the secret of that you’d make a fortune. I’d be one of your first customers.

You do know you don’t have to finish all the challenges to get enough points for POV, don’t you? If the raid one is your only sticking point you’ll still be able to get the goodies; there’s even enough slack to miss another target iirc. There’s over a month to go yet, anyway, so you could get there if you keep progressing at this rate. Also, I was delighted to discover, if you squeeze into diamond just before you fight in the tournament, any victories there will also count towards your raid total, without costing raid energy. Result!

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