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I searched around but didnt find exactly what I was looking for. If I missed it, I apologize in advance.

What is the general strategy for dispersing emblems?

I find myself spreading out emblems among my 5*s instead of just focusing in on the best hero of each of class. Gravemaker is the only hero I maxed to +20.

I get stuck because, for example, ranger class I have Evelyn+2, Lianna, Finley, and Seshat at all +7. Would it be better to just put all the emblems into one of these?

Looking for some help and strategy. Thanks!

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Do you feel disappointed in your Evelyns, Lianna, Finley, and Seshat at +7? Do they feel weak to you? Would you prefer if more of them were weaker and one or two were stronger?

In general, if you’re finding that you are satisfied with how those heroes perform at the level of emblems you put them at, then you’re doing something right.

I would say, if you use any specific hero a LOT, like in every war, lots of raids, etc… emblem those up further. But if anyone sits quietly and only gets used 20% of the time, versus someone you use 50% of the time… emblem up the more used one. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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War Defense first
War Offense 2nd
Other uses 3rd

Is what i would consider the general strategy


Not disappointed with how they perform, but wondering if it makes more sense to have 5 fully emblemed 5s for defense. But you are right, i am weakening the other heroes by taking their emblems.

Thanks for the reply. This makes sense. What about raid defense? Or is that not as big of a priority?

Just use the same team you use for war defense would be my suggestion

If you’re in diamond already, and your defense keeps you in diamond then there’s really no reason to expect more from your raid defense than that


I had the same conundrum, mostly with 4’s, of having multiple heavy-use heroes in the same class. What I found worked for me is picking the most important, used, powerful, whatever standard you prefer, two heroes and go with them. Once those are 2 are maxed, or at a predetermined node point, start the next.

It is better to have say 2 key heroes at +10 than 4 heroes at +2 where the talent difference isn’t that noticeable.

I agree with the esteemed @Rigs too that once your raid D keeps you in the arena you want to be in it is a lower priority :+1:

Good luck! Keep us posted!

If your war offense 6 teams are composed of 5* pers- give emblems to your war defense team.

If you have 4* in your war offense teams - give emblems to them first.

If I remember correctly @Scarecrow did a thread on dispersal of emblems quite some time ago. But not seen him post in a while…

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@JGE, yes correct… here is the thread:
Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide
Great emblem advices :+1:

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My current raid defense is: Lianna +7, guin +9, aegir +19, grave +20, seshat +7. This keeps me right around 2600 cups.

My alliance is switching to green tanks. I have telly maxed at +2, so i’ll have to strip aegir of emblems.

If I keep my war defense and my raid defense the same, I’ll have to change up my set up.

Cool article, thanks @jinbatsu. I did some stuff wrong :rofl:

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