Ranger trouble

I have Seshat and Evelyn @+9 with the next step of 125 along with Lianna +3. I have 90 ranger emblems. I have three opions 1) hold til i get 125+, 2) give them to Liannna or 3) spread them around to Mireweaver, Trition and Chao so each have the piercing ability. i.e one and done concept.

All opinions are appreciated

Eve benefits most as she has more chances for it to activate.

Seshat is a sniper and doesn’t need them as much but if you want the most sniping ability, go there

I had Lianna at +18 and took them off. Too often overkill. She gets on fine without


If sesh is on defense… wait and give them to her imo.

Not sure where you stand with wars and whatnot in your alliance… we primarily see green tanks… so I’m hesitant to emblem any blue heroes atm… especially 4*s.


@hothom this is helpful for me too.

I would keep working on Eve, except if Seshat is on your defense as @Math4lyfe posted. Also agree don’t bother even +1 on any of your 4*.

Chao and Mireweave are pretty weak, pierce isn’t going to make a noticeable difference.
In current Tell meta, blue snipers have it rough.


I too would go with Eve for the same reasons listed above. I would not emblem Mireweave at all. There are probably some out there that would disagree, but from your choices you listed…you have much better options for those emblems.


and I got more ranger emblems in the challenge so up to 150. I will follow the group advice thanks

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@hothom, I’ve been fortunate to have some good rangers.

Just from experience, keep working on Eve.
My Seshat without emblems is still very good in raids vs 4600+ defenses. I take her instead of Jabberwock+18.

Originally I was giving emblems to Eve+6, then I stripped and classed Alasie because she was on my war defense.

When I got Finley, it was difficult to strip Alasie+15 but in hindsight, glad I did because Finley is awesome.

So above decisions based on priority of war defense then who would benefit the most from the emblems.

Seshat minions give her decent meat shield plus since I have Jabberwock on my war defense, for me my next ranger getting emblems will be Eve.
Alasie isn’t used much now with the green Tell tanks and Lianna will do her thing regardless of emblems. Sure it will help her survive a few more times but I think that benefit is much less than getting to hit after Eve.

Hope this helps with your emblems decisions.

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so you are all hinting that I should also take them from a +3 Lianna and push them to Eve to push her up 3 levels???

If it takes Eve to the next effective node, then sure but you can do it later.
Just don’t give more emblems to lianna or Seshat for the short term, see how it goes with eve.

For example, if the next node is just a hurdle such as healing bonus, then I’d literally save emblems until you have enough to get to the node above if it’s attack or defense.

level 10 is attack+(=22) then the next is either def or attack, At 10 she is sitting at 793, 750,1391. stoping lianna would increase the piecing and give two more attack nodes so +18=821 attack. After a +19 costume bounse Melendor(801,701,1313) Eve is my go to gal. On a three stack I add Kingston +9(779,753,1303). Lianna was may go till I got morgan till I met eve.

?? does that attack factor add to her ability to make green hit stronger or is that ability only confined to other green specials?

My two green above is part of my anti-Telly team with +20 BT, Zim+11 and Mitsuko+2

I have preferred Eve no emblems and Lianna at +18. After Eve fires, there are very few targets that can survive Lianna at 855 attack, and to me pierce is very weak, cannot remember it making a difference given Evelyn debuffs anyway, so I just went raw power

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