Emblem all to level 4... or beyond?

In the effort to build the highest value War D, we have stacked our emblems on our most powerful heroes. However, after realizing that 3200 mono teams can take down 4500+, I believe it to be better to spread the emblems across your 6 attack teams. Getting your heroes to lvl 4 or better yet, lvl 7 can be a force multiplier for your attacks. Especially with The Fighter class revive talent or the Ranger pierce.

Your War opponents are based on your strongest heroes, so you’re bringing just as big teams that may have a deeper bench, so resetting many heroes down could level the playing field and being more skill to the battle field.

This only works if your alliance commits and agreeing on a tank is already hard enough. I do believe this to be a valid strategy, curious on others’ thoughts though. Why have Lianna^12 if you can have Lianna, Neith, and Evelyn at ^4?


My thoughts -> Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide


Great, Thank you! All took some notes, cheers!

That’s a good advice. Similar to “level out at least x 4* for wars etc. before you start your 5*”, but so many think, a fat def is enough and 5* should have priority :woman_shrugging:


I’ve first emblemed my healers, Grimm(attack), Sonya(debugger) and Wilber. Workin on Hansel,Grettal, Proteus and G Jackel. Yes I have Chao and Scarlet emblemed but they got that way when I didn’t have 5* toys. Now that there are 4* tourney the come in handy. Other than that I look at the rule of one so I can get that extra special, i.e dodge for a rouge before going up the talent scale

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Yes some talents are better than others: evade, revive, pierce are better than the thorn minion… imo

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This is really not a Q about emblems but one about what you said about 3200 mono teams taking down 4500+ teams. How is this possible? Please Enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::wink:

Simple. WIth a super duper uber good boards, I bet. Otherwise, that 3,200 team will get squat, which happens 98.7% of the time (the other 1.3% is getting the desired HOTM).

Sorry meant 2900 teams #Muggy5tack - YouTube we have a guy that just brings Viv and 4 jackals destroying Telly teams too.

The start recording a continuous video and have that low-TP team battle out 4600-TP team in diamond arena and see how often does the attacker win in 6 raid flags. I would love to see that.