5* Green - Who is worth the tonics

So, I have 6 tonics and am trying to figure out which of the following Green’s to upgrade next. Any advice is greatly appreciated:

  • Lianna ©
  • Evelyn
  • Kadilen ©

I already have Atomos (lvl 20), Telly (18) and Elkanen (6) fully leveled and was trying to figure out who would be my next nature hero to max and bring to war.


I would max Evelyn first, she will make Elkanen hit hard and will help you with blue titans

Probably Evelyn, though C-Kadilen and C-Lianna are also pretty good. Evelyn is just more versatile and especially useful against titans if you don’t have Almur (and even then, but she would be no longer a priority - probably would do C-Lianna instead).

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I would say Lianna as you have the costume and she hits harder than any of your other green heroes

My vote would go to Evelyn followed by C. Kadilen
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I choose Lianna.
But how do u get those heros?
I summon more than 300 times during several months and I just get 3 hotm. Not more.
I just did 10 summons on season 2 and all 3 stars.
I do not why summon gate hate me

I lucked up and got them. Both Lianna & Kadilen I got thru the costume pulls (actually have 2 Kadilen’s). I forget how I ended up with Evelyn.

I have Almur (lvl 7) and apparently I have not been using him right. Yeah, I am torn between the three.

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