8 tonics and still holding back. Should I be?

So, I have 8 tonics and yet something is holding me back from using them.
The 5* candidates I have at 3/70 are Elkanen and Margaret (I already have Evelyn at 4/80) (oh and Horgall at 1/1)
I also have Mel, Buddy, Caedmon and Jack O’Hare at 4/70.

So should I bite the bullet and ascend Elkanen or Margaret
Or should I channel my green feeders to start another 4* - Gaiderus? Gobbler? A 2nd Melendor for wars? Surely NOT Kash, LJ or Skittles!

I guess deep down I am waiting for Lianna - but I know I could wait forever!


Well the honest answer is how many pulls do you do. If you are going to be doing some pulls during this Atlantis, I would wait a bit as it is rumoured that the featured heroes this month will be Greg (above average) and Tarlak (top tier). There is also the Sands empire coming soon and if you need a good tank, Yunan is an excellent one.

Of course if you are going to do minimal pulls and you dont have TC20 cooking for a chance at Lianna, then you may decide to bite the bullet and ascend one of them.

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Margaret is worth the tonics imo.
Waiting till armageddon is meh.
You’ll probably have the next set of tonics sooner than Lianna.


Elk together with Eve is a weapon.
But for sure, he is no Lianna.


I would wait until you do your Atlantis pulls. If you don’t get anyone better, I’d give Margaret the tonics

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Have the same problem. Eve at 4.80 and melendor, gadeirus, caedmon and lj at 4.70. I was resolved to ascend marge but after levelling her to 3.70 im really not sure yet. She seems nice but niche.

And elk… true that he is more resilient and hits 3 but my caedmon at 14th level emblems does more damage to single target. I also have 8 tonics.

I think i won’t be comfortable using them until i have 12. My current team (even lj with gadeirus buff works okay, i .manage to fire them 50% of the time) works fine and both marge and elk offer a too marginal upgrade to just spend them freely. Now, if i had maxed lianna i would ascend marge.

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Im in the exact same position as you. I have 9 tonics and morgan LF, Marg, Atomos, Elk, Kad, and Horg. But I’m not pumped about them.

I’ll pull a decent amount at the summer event and atlantis. If I don’t get something better, one from that list will get tonics.

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RNGsus won’t give you better heroes, when you keep the tonics. But you’ll get Lianna soon, if you ascended Elk.

That’s how they progged it :wink: :rofl:


Since you have Evelyn, I think Elkanen is actually a really strong play. They charge at the same speed and can hit the same targets.

If you want to wait for Atlantis / Sand and re-evaluate, I can see the case for that, depending on your summoning plan. I guess it also depends on what you’re doing, training camp 20-wise. But barring a reasonably strong expectation of a green hero you want to fully ascend in the near future, I don’t think Elkanen is a bad move (again, because you already have Evelyn).

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You should up Kashhrek. He’s the bomb! My main man on all occasions… Here’s my def team.
(don’t mind the rest of the team, it’s garbage)


Elk works well with Eve & Buddy (much better than Margaret and Horghall), so if you consider color stacking, definitely ascend Elk.

I have Eve, Lianna and Greg maxed, and have Alberich, Kadilen, Elkanen, Morgan Le Fey and Margaret at 3/70, and Horghall at 1/1. Out of my 3/70 heroes, Elkanen is the most useful at the offence after Alberich (proved by swapping heroes around). So if you don’t have Lianna, go for Elk.

Or, if you want to save some tonics - go for Gadeirus - he’s good for Very Fast tournaments.


I was in similar situation

I decide to wait and nothing except more tonics, I decide to wait little longer and got Lianna from first or second TC20 training.


As I did 105 pulls without 5* I decided to stop sepnding and go for totally F2P. That’s why waiting for XXX is no option anymore and I ascended Elk and … Khagan …


If you’re feeling unsure, then wait for 12 Tonics, and focus on any of the 4*s except Gobbler. I’d rather do Skittleskull or Horghall over Gobbler tbh.

Gadeirus is probably the best choice. He’s slow and his attack is average, but he’s a good defense hero for the raid tournaments (when backed by Triton and Proteus for the defense boost he’s tough to take down). And unlike Kashh, Gadeirus can be useful in more situations like titans, especially when his attack boost is paired with Buddy and Evelyn.

Little John has a very high attack stat, just barely below Jack’s, I wouldn’t count him out either. He is slow, but his mana-gen down is crippling, he brings down very fast heroes to very slow speed. He’s been useful for me in raid tournaments, for titans, and in map levels.


Wow! Thanks for all the fantastic input so quickly!
And thanks for the little taunt there @JimP :grinning:

I don’t do much summoning these days, as I have 6 pretty decent teams for war now. Saving all my EHTs for July as I quite fancy Seshat - but not going to go mad.
Might do 1 Atlantis 10 pull
I have one TC20 running constantly - looking for Lianna

So … maybe I will just use my green feeders off-colour for a few weeks, and if I dont get a better Green, then bite the bullet - probably go for Elk so I can do an Elk-Buddy- Eve stack as a few of you have suggested.

Thanks again to all


I would use my Heroic Hero Tokens on summer event hoping for Yunan / Lianna.


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