🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

I just realized Raffaele has the same theme clothes as Clarissa

I’d be happy to get him. No 5* healers for me and my only other blue 5* is Isarnia. He’s robably better for offense but imagine Brynhild tank and Raffaele flank on def. Could be super annoying :rofl:

Thank you. So he is not the 5* Kiril anymore :thinking: . Just a healer, not a buffer

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My situation is even worse! My only blue 5* is Thorne! :rofl: Before Margaret getting buffed, Thorne was the second worst 5* hero in the game. Now he is the number one worst 5* hero of the game :rofl:
If I get Raffaele, I’ll definitely max him because I’m really sick of Thorne!

Some massive healing huh? Frustration can occur if tank is healed from like 1 hp to full in 4 rounds hehe.

Thorne is a below median season one hero. If you think Thorne is really bad, you’ll rage quit after you waste mats on Raffaele. My Thorne will get mats as soon as it’s confirmed they haven’t fixed Raffele.

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Healing and ailment dispelling is all he does. He’s a slower version of Rigard. The Kiril-like Attack and Defense boosts would’ve made him more attractive especially when you consider his mana speed.

Quintus: “Am I a joke to you?”


Wow I was maybe hoping to use my EHT on Sand Empires and have the hope to also get June HOTM, but after reading this… I am not really wanting him, he will just be a wasted Roster Space.

Eh, could be a decent tank. Those heals are insane - potential to be 5x four-digit heals over 4 turns depending how bad your team is beat up.

His mana speed is now slow instead of very slow. So it’ll be charged a little bit faster. His defensive stats are high so if you use him as a tank, he probably gonna go off his special a couple of times and because of enormous healing through time, he doesn’t seem easy to take down. I mean after removing his buffs he is not a great hero but I think he would be still better and more useful than Thorne. I had my Thorne on +7 before I reset his emblems but was very bad in his job. Thorne is a attacker hero but in practice he is nothing but a piece of meat

Oh I forgot about that guy :smile:

Clearly the devs worry about him being OP :wink:


You should still aggressively pursue Sand because Roc is going to be a really good one in Barbarian Class, and I still would like a shot at Yunan or Rana.

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I say thanks but NO thanks on him

He has his normal slash attack, which isn’t much, so yeah, I totally understand your point with the Resist.

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After this trashy HOTM we got another combo

Noocb, Zoccke (maybe not so much joke anymore after bit of buff) and Bye Yeong

Getting REALLY close to release here, folks. Hope SG took the beta feedback seriously and have either bumped his mana speed and dropped his effects slightly or have somehow improved his effect. Pretty unlikely since feedback was left unaddressed and Raff hasn’t seen beta since March/early April, if I recall correctly.


guess SG or the Beta people really didn’t care about this character. he’s still stuck just being a healer without any buffing, and with a useless innate ability.

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Hero is now live, pleas continue discussions on the live Raffaele thread:

For discussion about balance changes:

Lets also leave Beta testers out of your criticims… They are volunteers who make FEEDBACK… SGG choose to read & implement or ignore this feedback as they make all the DECISIONS.