🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

I would preffer a reduction in his attacks reduction and a bit of damage to red, like 25-30% instead 70%


She still offers quite a solid minion. Perhaps 243 is too little.

Telluria: the first 2 is ok, but the heal over time is a robbery.
Vela?? Why nerfing her? There is so many more hero’s that are way stronger than her… like jabber and Finley…
But your not going to touch them because they are eventheros and harder (more expensive) to get?



If Telly had average, not tanky stats, and healed as well as say, Tarlak, with a minion in the 10-15% HP range, some better damage, and a 24% mana speed redux at average mana speeds, then the development team might have hit the mark on what Telly should have been.

Your proposal seems accepted) Are you happy? You just propose a useless hero for us(((


I don’t know why Vela’s fire damage just wasn’t brought in line with other element bonuses instead of being removed.

I think Telluria is passable but has one too many tweaks. Probably the heal could have stayed.

Its hard to say from the back seat, lets say what the testers say.


If you did that, I sincerely hope you return all the money spent on these heroes. it’s not fair, you make a good hero, you release it in the official version, we see it, we say it’s super good, we spend money to take it and then you come and make fun of the fact that you change them. so we want our money back, this is a robbery against us.


And is this the same delicate nerf that almost no one will notice? My healer began to heal twice as weak, and my defense against the reds is destroyed? Indeed, quite imperceptibly.
Return tonics, telescopes, blades and toms. It was your fault that I spent them in vain.


243 per 3 turns is like VFast Grazul and way worse than Delilah. 411 was be 27% heal, 243 is like 15%.

SG management don’t listen the players feedback and do what they want , hate u , like a dictatorship


To me seems quite good! Maybe Telluria’s healing can be splittrd in 2 turns, not 3… But good!


I may accept Telly’s nerfing (except heal over time)
But vela got the big hit. I can’t believe this much nerf on poor vela.


Seriously what is telluria good for after this?
What is Vela good for after this?

Telluria - no good as healer, no good in titan, no good in offense. As a tank will be below Guin, probably below Ursena as well.

Vela - really??? She is now just barely useable in offense and her main usage is in defense and you nerfed her defensive skill?


i say TOO LITTLE! Remove the heal and the minions all together, maybe 100 less def too.


Yes Telluria is too strong can’t even using the puzzle tile to defeat her, except you got the lucky red board straight to her or all heroes skill ready to fire her. Why need to nerf? Just imagine if Mr Santa Claus is buff to Average mana, regenerate Hp, increase minions Hp & Att to 13% and Element link & talent skilled with add Defence!!..Buff Mr Santa Claus if can’t nerf Telluria, at least Telluria have a boyfriend!

And, Margaret is so so so pity…She should at least 100% dodge special skills and normal attack if she release her skill.


When is this update supposed to take place anyway.

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Margaret’s buff is discussed in another thread.


2000 posts by Sunday? Any takers?


In my opinion, the mana gen decrease is okay, just not sure if enough, minions’ HP removal is right in the point, but the healing is not a problem.
The problem is she’s pretty too hard to kill with such defense stat combined with paladin class bonus. I’d move like 80 from her def to attack.
We want her still good on offense, just worse in defense.


Where nerf gravemaker? Why nerf vela but did not touch the gravemaker?


If you go through with this nerf, or even anything close then give every single player in the game:

20k gems

20 million ham, 5 million iron.

A token to choose any HOTM from 2019 or previous.

5 reset tokens 150 of every emblem.

6 of each 4* ascension mat, 8 of each 3* mat

You have manipulated people to pay for telluria, and are now nerfing her.

Then used telluria’s status to encourage players to further spend on Malosi.

Major compensation is needed. This is not fair, This is soooooo wrong SGG, this is just wrong.


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