🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Tell’s nerf seems fair. Shes still strong, but less overwhelming.

Vela’s nerf is harsh, but let’s see how that plays out. If it was brought back to 30% first, I would be more open to it.


You all should feel glad that they don’t remove it completely, as minions already counted as extra HP.


She will be lackluster as a healer, worse than Tarlak. For me it is so much. Unusable on offence.


Too much imo (for now). Lets wait till Beta even got a chance to test it.
But a little nerv was absolutely needed imo (and yes i have both ascended as well).


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: calm down dudes this is just the first beta version…


Was kind of hoping for more balance updates then just to vela and tell, which at this point both seem like an overreach.

Edit: Seems additional adjustments were done, just in another thread


Due to a technical issue, many Beta players are currently unable to access Beta.

Plus for those who can access it, it’s been open for about 15 minutes.

So not really much practical experience to report for a while. Give it a few days.


Seriously? LOL.
I should nerf someone’s IQ but he should be glad since I did not totally take all his IQ away.
Should be glad.


There is a difference between nerfing and gutting, Telly got the latter.


Exactly. Every single negative thing that was said about SGG in the 3,000+ comments in the last thread was just proven with this proposal.


This is over too much for both of them.

And will mean making one more mistake. Heimdal will become top rank in this case.


Seriously where is the Guin’s nerf? Where is GM’s nerf? Where is Finely’s nerf?
If Telluria is reduced so much, aren’t the above way too OP in the next meta?


Just to complement what Zephyr says. Beta testers will have to make all changes necessary to embkem the heroes, set them as their defense tanks, flanks or whatever, Test them to doomsday come and discuss their results. That takes time if you all want a solid report, and not one moved by pre conceptions.


Before this thread blows up like the other one :exploding_head: - thanks for the heads up @zephyr1 and your polls @Guvnor.


We have the preconceptions form their vague announcement and that made many of us nervous, this announcement proved that everyone’s concerns were legitimate.

They are literally stealing From the community at this point.


please let me trade vela for gravemaker, i will even trade vela, sartana, domitia, marijana, elena, khagan and even more for one gravemaker as he`s just untouchable overpowered it seems


The problem is SG doesn’t listen well. When they come up with their clever ideas and push them into beta, the testers simply test and give feedback, but that feedback is largely ignored. What they need to do is FIX. TELLURIA’S. STATS! That is probably the most obvious thing to do after her mana reduction ability. Being able to kill her with tile damage is the one thing we should be able to count on IF she fires. With her stats as high as they are, that doesn’t happen.


Too little too late. Not only telluria but the nerfing of loot tickets, reduction in AR time, emblems making 3/70 5 stars completely useless as the bottle neck of ascension matts for FTP players is still a real thing, the fact that a FTP players can only hope for 3 ten spins per year unless they live and breathe this game.

Yeah your time is over, game isn’t even mentions in the top of anytbing anymore, comment section in the play store says it all. Hero acedmy still not here, no loyalty rewards, no pity timers, no shop for using duplicate heroes to purchase, NOTHING FOR ANYONE NOT SPENDING.

I have not spent in 2 months and now see no desire to ever spend here again. Found out the grass is a lot greener in some new games and the once joyous community we had here has been diminshed to almost nonexistent as shirt tuckers have literally belittled actual live players to the point they dont even wanna speak here anymore.

You had a good run SG but we all see where this is headed and you did too little too late. It was fun but stopped being months ago. Good luck to those who remain loyal to this travesty that only caters to credit card snipers instead of actual gamers. Some of you have been great […] These changes do nothing about all the other real problems that have plagued the natural playerbase every since you dropped emblems to not allow ftp/ctp to be war ready with their benches of 4/70’s and at the time usable 3/70 5 star heroes.

Veterans saw early what the emblems meant and the repricussions of them followed by the francois debacle and then the nail in the coffin, 2 months of str8 telluria dominance because you people messed up and released her as average.

You shot yourself in the foot SG and unfortunately the hospitals are a little busy so get some duct tape and some aspirin like you have been telling the ftp/c2p crowd for almost two years now. This nerf is good for some, they can all get back to their credit card swiping ways and constant belittlement of players who don’t wanna put out a mortgage to play a phone game. Rest of the real players I hope you guys get out of here and find a new game like we did that literally allows you to spend or be ftp and still enjoy yourself. Good luck SG you gonna need it.


To me these changes look proportional and fair. would still be a powerful tank just not game breaking.

So this is how it appears but from experience most of the time when I try to figure out how effective a hero would be based on the card alone I am right. I emphasise most of the time there have been quite a few notable incidents where I had got it wrong. I am probably right I estimate about 80% of the time.

I find the ultimate answer is actual experience playing with that Hero. so until I see this in effect on how my defence team changes in performance and my attack raids change I will not know for sure hence why I am like wait for feedback from beta testers who get to try this first.

On another note there are not enough red snipers in the game I mean only real one that immediately comes to mind if Marjana. What we also need is a powerful red sniper. This would help also reduce Tellurias Dominance.


@Guvnor could you add to the polls an additional voting option: “wrong approach.” For example I don’t think vela’s is too much or too little I think it’s just the completely wrong approach.


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