Duplicate 3* heroes?

Just curious with what you guys think. Would you keep/ascend duplicate 3* heroes?

I look at some event leaderboard teams and see multiple namahage and gato as mono red/mono blue teams. Any other 3* heros worth ascending multiple copies of?

Have a look see at this threads for a little guidance.

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Reds: Namahage, Rudolph and Squire Wabbit for multiple copies. Bauchan and costumed Hawkmoon at least 1 apiece.

Greens: Hisan, Mnesseus, Muggy and Berden for multiple copies. Belith, Brienne and Shrubbear 1 apiece.

Blues: Gato, Vodnik and Valen for multiples. Ulmer and Gunnar for single copy each.

Yellows: Bane, Pixie and Melia for multiples. Kailani just one.

Purples: Balthazar, Chochin and Guardian Bat multiples. Single Gill-ra.


Been keeping only gato and namahage. Passed up on mnessus, melia and hawkmoon

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