Duplicate 3* Star Heroes...is it worth it?

My 3* Roster

R: Nashgar (2), Azar (2), Jahangir, Namahage, Hawkmoon
Y: Bane (2), Melia, Arman, Gan Ju, Kailani,
G: Mnesseus (2), Belith (2), Muggy (2) Berden (2), Hisan, Brienne
B: Valen (2), Gato (2), Ulmer, Gunnar
P: Tyrum (2), Balthazar (2), Gill-Ra, Chochin

I practically have the best 3 star heroes give or take, but I don’t use any of them except for when the tournaments pop up…minus Belith/Muggy/Mnesseus do I really need to keep 2 of all of these heroes?

Just seems pointless to spend resources leveling these heroes up twice when I’m way into my 4 and 5 star teams and only use these guys for special events, and since I have a nice variety in each color I don’t see why I couldn’t stack without needing so many doubles.

My 4/5 star heroes are hungry, feed the these dupes or nah?!

If you have uses for them, be it for events, weekly raids or collection then they are worth keeping.
On the other hand… if you don’t have uses for the (easy to come by) 3* heroes you could just feed them away.


It’s up to you, but I’ve long since decided to keep only one of each 3* and feed the dupes away. I’m not interested in trying to win any of the tournaments/events, just completing them is good enough for me.


I kept dupes of Nashgar, Namahage, Bane, Melia, Mnesseus, Berden, Valen, Gato, and Balthazar only. I don’t have Hisan nor Muggy, but I would keep dupes of them too if I did.

Don’t really see the point of Tyrum or Azar dupes. Their attack stats are too low in stacks. Also Belith, I don’t really care much for the 3* healers now, they get the most use for me in raid tournaments. I go without a healer in challenge events, where offense is more important for good scores.


I decided to keep a dupe of Bane, Valen, Nashgar, Balthazar, Mnesseus, Berden and Muggy. For the rest one is enough, and if I find I don’t need the dupes then I’m gonna feed them all except Muggy and Mnesseus.

Keeping Muggy because I sometimes use him with 4 and 5 star teams as well due to his special, and Mnesseus since he’s an Atlantis special hero.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I have Hisan and Melia, I would also keep a dupe of them if I pull them again.

I agree, there’s a point in roster development where you’ll want to focus on 4 and 5* heroes. Usually, however, you’ll hit a plateau where you either: (a) haven’t had any decent pulls of 4-5* to ascend anyone, (b) don’t have the ascension items for the 4-5* you have, or (c ) need a change of pace in your gameplay. Personally, I decided to focus on my 3* roster as a means to buy myself “deciding time” in between 4* training volleys, and have enjoyed the efforts.

Here are the 3* duplicates I have. A ^ means I’m on the lookout for more:

  • Purple: Balthazar (3^), Tyrum (3)
  • Yellow: Melia (4), Bane (3^)
  • Blue: Gato (3), Valen (4)
  • Green: Mnesseus (3^), Berden (2), Muggy (2)
  • Red: Namahage (5), Rudolph (2^),

In addition to these, I’d like to gain duplicates of: Arman (yellow), Hisan (green), Squire Wabbit (red). Most, but not all of my duplicates were gathered with the specific purpose of challenge events, with the side benefit towards raid tournaments when that feature rolled out. Specifically, I’ve found that any high-attack, fast hero is exceptionally useful in both cases. Where Namahage is lower on attack, his stacking family mana bonus has definitely helped provide an edge.

3* Heroes that I don’t see the advantage of duplicating (single-use, like Wu Kong, or too slow):

  • Purple: Gill-Ra, Renfield
  • Yellow: Kailani
  • Blue: Graymane, Gunnar, Ulmer
  • Green: Carver, Belith, Brienne, Friar Tuck
  • Red: Hawkmoon

Another benefit to duplicating 3* is that the timeframe to max your roster is much lower than that for 4-5*, allowing you to compete at higher levels much, much more quickly - which makes the game more fun. This is, to me, the ultimate point of taking up the game, and allows me to enjoy certain aspects while waiting for new 4* to hit my roster, or 5* ascension materials to pop up. Plus, the time invested in maxing all of my 3* at once (roughly 2 months) gave me a significant boost in 4* ascension items that I wasn’t using, giving me a long-term strategy boost when I came back to choosing what 4-5* heroes to focus on.

Sure, the best loot can be found in the 4-5* features. But, truly competing at those levels takes either an extraordinary amount of time, significant cash investment, or a mixture of the two. The “chase to the top,” when you realize it’s a never-ending marathon versus a quick sprint, loses its sparkle pretty quickly. 3* raids can be a lot of fun and variety, which is why I started playing to begin with.

Besides, the boards are full of the best HotM and 5* tank. How often do people geek out over the best 3* tank or fast hero? Sure, they’re not as flashy. But they can still be a lot of fun. For a mobile game that I can hit on my breaks and laugh at with my alliance members, that’s a really important factor for sustaining me (and my teammates) as continuing players. Duplicating those heroes I enjoy most, to achieve that, is a pretty small (and at 3*, cheap) effort to pull that off :wink: .


If you have no enough 4* + 5*, then definitely is. And even then, some 3* dups might be work keeping (Melia, Mnesseus and Season 2 Heroes in general, Seasonal 3* such as Rudolph and Hisan). Just remember that if you have 30+ 4* or 5* heroes you should still have trained two 3* rainbow sets for events and raid tourneys.

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I’m assuming that you are talking about extra unleveled heroes. I wouldn’t eat fully leveled or even partially leveled heroes. (Heck, I’m still keeping Layla but that’s just sentimental; she was in my first team; I’ve got over 20 maxed 3*s, over 40 maxed 4*s and over 20 maxed 5*s, so I’ll never use her again)

Anyhow … the classic 3* heroes are very very very easy to come by late game – either TC20 gives you one every two days, or you pay for summons and get a bunch of them for food, while you are hoping for perhaps a few 4* heroes or mostly just 5* heroes.

If you don’t have a reason you want to max one of them this month, they are food; you’ll get another chance, I guarantee it.

Atlantis 3*s are harder to come by for free/cheap, but if your budget includes a few 10-pulls from Atlantis, you will replace all of those easily, too. Hoarding them for longer term plans makes sense if you aren’t doing Atlantis pulls. But if you know you’ll be doing Atlantis pulls, ones you won’t level up before that are food too.

Seasonal 3*s only come up once a year, and (Vlad excepted) are all very good. I’d hoard Hisan for later if you aren’t going to level him up now.

I used both my Rudlolphs on my defense team this raid tourney and used both of them in a lot of attacks too.

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I currently keep one of each 3*, but only kept dupes when I didn’t have enough of that color to use 6 rainbow teams in Alliance Wars. Keeping more than one of each could also come in handy for certain situations… quests where you are limited to only using certain hero classes, for example. I guess as long as you aren’t running out of space on your hero roster, there’s no harm in keeping them until you’re absolutely sure you won’t need them anymore.


I see that you are on a lookout for more Banes, Balthazars, Mnesseus and Rudolphs. How many more are you intending to get? As many as your Namahages?

I run a few duplicates, but they may fade away depending on who eventually gets emblems. It seems that is the biggest factor these days in tournaments. Be it 3 or 5-Star, fielding an un emblemed hero on defense is suicide and fielding one on offense can still put you at a huge disadvantage.

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one of the best roll 3 star heroes in work this movie.

I struggle on whether or not to keep dupe 3* heroes. I would never put a duplicate Bertulf on the same team, but for challenges where you only get to use him once might be convenient to have a copy. Maybe not with emblems unless I didn’t have anyone else competing for them, but still.

Having a duplicate single-target sniper, like Pixie might be worth a 2nd copy, but roster space isn’t cheap. Would I not have another good option for yellow? I think any color has more than 5 solid heroes worth having, which brings down the value of duplicates.

Some heroes can compete in 4 or 5* arenas. Treevil stands out. He cleaned up in a 4* rush tourney. I’d def keep a 2nd copy of him.

someone mentioned emblem quests. Another good use for solid duplicates. Everybody likes to focus on how each color is represented, but those quests can highlight gaps in your classes, too.

I wish regular raids provided more use for 3* heroes. It’s pretty rare I’ll try to bring a 3* into the diamond arena, when I’m competing against teams north of 4000 power.

Final point that I try to keep in mind is how easy it is to come by this hero. I get a copy of belith with every 10 pull I do and I still haven’t leveled the first one lol. Same with Brienne. I should feed the originals until I’m ready to level them, but I’m def not keeping dupes. I love Bertulf, but I pulled like 8 copies of him during Clash of Knights. I’ll keep a 2nd, but he’ll need to get in line.

In summary, it also depends on the scope of your 4 and 5* roster. you might have those heroes, but can you max them? Many 3* heroes with emblems will be more valuable than a 4* stuck at 3/60.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d focus hard on 3* and instead of immediately switching as soon as I got a 4*, I’d wait and see what else enters my coffers until I had a solid bench of 3’s and OPTIONS with 4* heroes. Don’t waste ascension mats on a mediocre 4* hero. Work on 3*'s until you have the ones you want. Then, having a nice rainbow team of maxed out 4*'s should allow you to complete most legendary quests.

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