Is it worth lvling up duplicate 3*s?

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I’ve just maxed out my first rainbow 3*-Team and only have 1 4* (Caedmon).

Now I just ask myself if it’d be better to level up different heroes from the same element, or if I should always pick the strongest one, even if I already have one maxed out?

I have Bane fully maxed and currently am working on leveling up Gan Ju.
I also have 2x Dawa, 1x Kailani and 2x Bane, all 1-1.

Since Dawa’s pretty bad and I already have Gunnar maxed I wonder if it would be better to level another Bane instead of those two, even if I already have one.

I do participate in Wars, so I can always use more firepower and a bigger lineup to pick and choose from.

Initially, I thought I’d level up one of each, but I wonder if that’s really a good idea in the long run. Will I ever be in need for a maxed out Dawa over Bane? :thinking:

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Mainly due to the weekly tournaments, and some event quests 3* heroes are required , and some heroes are really good for those specific quests/tournaments.

I’ve seen others metion for example multiple Namahage being used in particular seasonal quests by top leaderboard players.
There are few 3* heroes I have duped, as I am more focused on finishing my WAR bench heroes… I suppose after I would focus on 3* heroes for tournaments/events .


While there are less popular heroes at every level, you may find that you need them for the class trials. Even with a fairly extensive bench, I needed Dawa for the first few trials.


I leveled 3x Bane ( before Atlantis summons) he is awesome as a 3* hero.

I am leveling 2x Melia ( farming 1.7-4 for Wanted Monster Mission Chest) and 2x Hisan ( self cleanse, sand DOT, anti-heal ).

I want a second Rudolph to level ( revive, HP minion, mana reduction, fast mana).

Duplicate 3* / 4* / 5* can be good depending on play style and roster.

Non farmable rewards

Good point.

Class trials were added after I had a good roster, but I still used 3* heroes for a few in the beginning.

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Now that you have a solid 3* team, I would advise you to work on your Caedmon and TC. On the long run you will need about 3-4 3* heroes of each colour for 3* tournaments and events but the core of your strength and growth is gonna be your 4*.

Some 3* heroes are great and it makes sense duplicating, others are not even worth having. Here is a list of my favourite and strongest imo.

RED: Azar, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Squire Wabbit, Rudolf.
BLUE: Gunnar, Gato, Valen
Green : Belith, Berden, Hisan, Mnesseus, Muggy
Yellow: Bane, Melia, Bane, Bane,Bane and Bane again!
Purple: Balthazar, Gill-Ra

Oops, I forgot about 3* healers.

I have 2x Belith and 2x Hawkmoon since green and red are the only colors for 3* healers. Useful for color stacking and reflect red ( 2x Belith) and reflect green ( 2x Hawkmoon) Rare tier challenge events completion ( 5+5 emblems and a WE flask for Atlantis Rising).

I have 2x Tyrum ( purple dispeller ) to go with my 1x Balthazar.

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Typically, I say variety, for the reasons mentioned above. That said, the main exception I can think of is precisely what you are describing above. Bane is so much better than the other three-star yellows, that maxing multiples of him makes sense.

As usual, @JonahTheBard makes a great point. Where you are in the game, you may need some of these “lesser” heroes for class trials. If so, level them. I was so cleric poor for a while, I used a Kailani 1^17 on my cleric teams. Had better yellow options to level, but I needed her to field a team of five.


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