Duplicate 3 star hero recommendations for Challenge Events

Anyone know what 3 star heroes are good to keep duplicates of? After seeing some of the top players have a mono team of all Namahage for one of the events (Forgot which one), I was kicking myself for not keeping the duplicates.

Bottom line, what 3 star heroes would everybody recommend be kept for the rare difficulty of the events? Atlantis suggestions alongside vanilla suggestions are welcome.

Namahage x5 is good for Teltoc and Wonderland.


Red : Namahage, Rudolph, Nashgar(?!?)
Blue : Gato, Valen, Ulmer
Green : Brienne, Hisan, Berden (?!?), Belith
Yellow : Bane, Melia
Purple : Baltazhar, Gilra(?!?), ChoChin (?!?)


Nashgar dupes were very popular before season 2. Sq. Wabbit was better but much more rare than him, so Nashgar got a lot of duplicate use. But with season 2, Namahage outclassed him. IMO Nashgar dupes are still good but only if you don’t want to wait for more Namahages.

Ulmer should not be duplicated, but one of him is good to have since he has the highest blue 3* tile damage. Valen is generally not considered as good as Gato, but since he decreases defense like Ulmer you can mix and match. Personally I go with 2 Valens, 2 Gatos, and 1 Ulmer.

You forgot Mnesseus in there :wink: He’s a bit better than Berden for damage although Berden’s atk- is nice. Hisan dupes are the best though. Belith is good for clearing the event but not very good for high scores. Depends on goals. Oh yeah… and Muggy, I think one of him would be worth for Avalon, his tile damage is nuts. He’s yet to be tested though but I have a feeling he’ll be a prime candidate for green 3* duplicates.

Agree with yellow, I see more duplicate Banes than Melias myself though, even though Melia has higher tile damage her skill isn’t as damage dealing as Banes.

I think Balthazar is the only one worth dupes for challenge events, strong snipe just can’t be beat. Gill-Ra again one of her is enough, she is good in challenge events for decreasing defense though. Chochin imo one is also enough, he helps more so in the later stages to help spread damage on enemies.


Tried to remember them by memory and completely forgot the Wabbit :rofl:
And yeah, Mnesseus and Muggy could earn a spot on a green team.

Thanks for the detailed version :+1:


Thank you all for the suggestions. I will not do the same mistake if I get another Namahage though. Muggy is one that interests me as well.

Fun fact: Mnesseus has +4 more tile damage than Berden, but Berden’s special does 5% more damage. Both are good 3* greens :slight_smile:


@SirGorash That is another 3 star Atlantis hero that doesn’t want to drop that I have had my eyes on. I just wish there was a part of training camp like an Advanced version that has a chance from the advanced training to 20 to drop the Atlantis heroes along side the vanilla heroes.

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