3* Hero Roster Help

Hello - Looking for a little help with my 3* roster and what I should keep vs. use as food. I am not a collector and I have 6 war teams so these are just for 3* tournaments and events. I cleaned out once after I got some of the Atlantis Heroes but with Season III I am still not sure and I haven’t seen to many posts like this since S3. I am guessing I want to keep all season 3 since I have Gato and can put him in with By-Ulf and the rest have done pretty well form me the few times I have used them.

Bjorn, Tyrum, Balthazar - Max
Bjorn 1.14

Kvasiv, Bane, Melia, Gan Ju - Max

Gunnar and Costume, Vodnik, Gato, Ulmer, Valen - Max

By-Ulf, Berden, Mnesseus, Ishtak, Brienne, Belith - Max
Bri - Costume 2.1

Ei-Dunn, Jahangir, Hawkmoon, Namahagex2, Rudolph, Azar, Nashgar - Max
Hawk Costume 2.1, Namahage 2.1

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. I am just looking to give a little room on my roster before I have to spend anymore gems on it.

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In my honest opinion. Keep all your max.
As for the others. All worth keeping. With the exception of a duplicate Hawkmoon.
But duplicates may now come into their own with the tavern event
Good luck

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Welcome. Yeah iv never fed away a maxed 3* my dark have 9 don’t use half of them haha? Never know when I may want to use one.
I’d keep them all roster space is cheaper plus feeding max you don’t really get much out of it.
Also trails 3* can help clearing the first two rounds.

I’m not sure how many duplicate 3 stars you really need for Tavern, at least of the more marginal 3s.

My goal is to have a team for each color for challenge events. Anything beyond that needs to prove its worth.

Based on that, I’d eat Nashgar and maybe the second Hawkmoon (not a ton of 3* healers). Finish the 3rd Namahage and then eat Azar. Not sure if the second Ei-Dunn is worth it or not…

The second Bjorn is okay since you’re short there. Ulmer is gone once you get Nordri, since costumed Gunnar is better (note to self — eat Ulmer).

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Thanks all for the responses. Sounds like I will only be thinning the heard minimally and spending gems on expansion slots. Probably a good time to do that as I need to focus on my bench strength.

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