How many? How much? (3* heroes to keep)

I’ve been playing long enough to have completed the 1st and season, and well into the Hard 2nd season…so, I’ve got alot of heroes, some doubles, & triples, too. I have alot of 3*'s fully ascended, and some brand new still? What to do? Any advice on this? What are the must haves of 3* heroes? Also, how many troops of each is good? 6 per color?

Similar thread & my answer in #2 (basically link to a heap of other threads lol)

Personally I keep on every 3*. As for 4* and 5* I keep one of some and duplicates of others. some are worth having duplicates of, some are not imo

Reds: Namahage, Rudolph and Squire Wabbit for multiple copies. Bauchan and costumed Hawkmoon at least 1 apiece.

Greens: Hisan, Mnesseus, Muggy and Berden for multiple copies. Belith, Brienne and Shrubbear 1 apiece.

Blues: Gato, Vodnik and Valen for multiples. Ulmer and Gunnar for single copy each.

Yellows: Bane, Pixie and Melia for multiples. Kailani just one.

Purples: Balthazar, Chochin and Guardian Bat multiples. Single Gill-ra.


For the retention of 3* heroes, I agree with what Ultra has said above. But would also add in (red) Nashgar

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For your troops:
Always keep the best five troops you have in each colour ( for mono teams)
Keep all your 4* troops
Keep 3 x 3* troops of each colours
Keep 3 x 2* troops of each colour
And depending how you play your raid tournaments, keep 1 x 1* troop in each colour

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I’ll keep 5 four star troops of each type. No need for a sixth mana troop or crit troop, I think…

I keep at least 5 sets (though not all the same kind) of 4-, 3-, and 2-star troops for each color mainly for the Raid Tournaments in case I ever feel I need to go mono. I don’t want to be defaulted to a 1-star troop.

For 3-star heroes, I look for full team buff and attack attributes, if possible, such as heal all allies, attack or defense boost for all allies, defense or attack down to all enemies, prevents healing to all enemies.

My Top 3 3-Star Heroes of each element are:

Holy–Kailani, Arman, Melia

Dark–Guardian Bat, Oberon, (Tie: Tyrum & Chochin)

Ice–Gunnar, Valen, Vodnik. (Note: Ulmer’s not terrible, but he is miserably SLOW)

Fire–Bauchan, Hawkmoon (in Costume), (Tie: Rudolph & Squire Wabbit)

Nature–Brienne (in Costume), Belith, Muggy

At this point in time, I’ve been keeping 4 of my highest starred troops , & a 2* of each color, and a 1* of each color (for raid tournaments/special challenges). So, it sounds like I need one more set of high starred troops. I have 30 troops total, 6 per team. I need 7? Am I understanding correctly? Ty

If you ever play mono, you will need to keep 5 of your highest troops in each colour, 5 x yellow, 5 x blue, 5 x red etc.
So keep all your 4* until you have at least 5 of each colour.
However, depending on your play preference, you may want to keep 5 of each type (mana or critical). That’s what I do for my 4 * troops. So My plan is to eventually have 5 x yellow 4* mana and 5 x yellow 4* critical troops and then the same for the other colours.
It then depends how you want to play with 3* and 2*. I only stack 3-2 at that level, so only keep 3 of each colour troop as a max.
And I have saved one troop at 1* level for each colour.
Hope that helps

Here is my current 3* heroes so far:

Notes: C = costumes, I wish I have Hawkmoon costume

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It’s good to keep a viarety of 3* got a Kailani for the first time from daily summons so will max her at some point also the 3* aoe fire dude will max.
Haven’t got many of the event ones from events only vlad n bat.
Atlantis I think I have all maxed.
Also with costumes into play having two breienne one costume and one not on a team can work well.

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