4* vs 5* talent grid

Given how long and expensive it will be to talent up 5*, wouldnt it be more beneficial to give emblems to 4*? And if so, who do you think would be best amongst the 4* to give the emblems to for each class?

That’s what I’m doing, at this rate (in my case) I have a stronger likelihood of getting my 4* heroes to 5* equivalent, than I do getting all the mats necessary to actually conduct a final ascension on more than a single 5* in a 6 month time frame. Sad, but at least there’s an option now that wasn’t there before.

So true. Given how hard it is to get a 5*in general i think it would be everyones general interest to broaden the benches overall power rather than concentrate on a given few. Guess you could just reset later and redistribute

Unfortunately the design makes more sense for us to level our best 4* since they require 1/3 the amount of a 5*. Hopefully over time the RESET emblems get accumulated and at some point we convert 500 emblems over to a 5*.

Problem is most of us aren’t improving our top teams with 5*s so we aren’t really taking our best any higher.

Tough trade off, I see a lot of teams with 5 5s at 1/20, and others with 1 4 at 5/20 now.

You can level 3 4*s for the same number of emblems as one 5, so it’s definitely a good option to create a larger base of powerful heroes. As with all talent related question, it depends heavily on your roster as a whole, the color balance of heroes you plan to talent up, and your personal preference of heroes you use very often. I wouldn’t use talents on a 5 you’re not excited about, since you want to be using your talented heroes, not just having them sit on your roster. E.G. the only hero I have given emblems to so far is Gravemaker because I have him on almost every raid, farming team, and my defense team. If I only had options like G. Kong or Obakan then I’d strongly consider giving emblems to Grimm, since I use him very often in wars and events. In the end it comes down to your preference, so I’d take the time to think through your entire roster before deciding.


@Gryphonknight put together a nice guide on this topic too, with extensive reasoning:


This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks @zephyr1 and @Gryphonknight


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