Dual Defense 4-1? What do you think about it?

All those new HotMs and Event heroes have useful elemental synergies and family bonuses. Many players stack 3 against the tank or attack full mono.

Wouldn’t it be cool to stack on defense, too? For example if you place 4 darks around a holy tank like

Sesh Panther Guin Kage Sesh

The flanks and wings would be weak for a dark stack or the tank would for a holy or the whole def would be neutral against all other elements.

This probably would ruin or at least aggravate mono attacks.

Get the tank and struggle on the others or leave the tank likely casting at least once. Sounds decent for me.

This would work for other elemental combinations as well. A red surrounded by greens or a blue by reds or a green by blues. The flanks and wings could profit from their elemental links.

What do you think about that strategy? Did you already met a dual def or do you have suggestions for such a def?


I’d like to see if my thinking is wrong, but couldn’t you use a 3-2 stack with say Drake, Joon, Jackal, Wilbur & Boldtusk to dismantle this team?

Drake’s blind hitting Guin by targeting one of the flanks could prevent the effectiveness of the mana cut and the damage spread throughout by Wilbur’s defense down+spirit link could be devastating.

Or am I missing something obvious?


By doing something like this you’d maybe make it a bit more difficult for them for their dark stack but you’ve essentially made it easier for every other color stack they use.


I met defenses like this, but I defeated them easily. I play only 3-2 and only 2 colours in a defense makes my job much easier :slightly_smiling_face:


…and the tank probably will cast several times.

If the tank reduced mana, it may become painful.

Because in the end the neutral elements are the same for Dark & Holy, so it’d be equally effective on all enemies in this scenario right?

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Those synergies works marginally if they cast their specials, However imo, with such 4:1 on defense for example as shown:

Would give room for exploring high tile damage against the flanks and the wings with either 3 fast holies and 2 fast darks or even the reverse color 4 holies 1 dark, the target being a few tile match wrecking tremendous damage on the flanks and wings., given a decent board.

At least 1 tile will hit the tank in 80% of all cases. Leaving out the tank with good vertical matches appear rarely to me.

If I stack holy, I don’t need my specials, cause I can kill off the team with tiles pretty easily (Ursena could make this scarier)… as for any other color stack… it’s no different then normal outside of me not having to deal with a defender that’s strong vs my stack. Having said that, I’m all for folks trying things out and a lot of defense options can work, will it win more then a rainbow with better overall heroes… I don’t think so, but… it will still win some for sure.


What about Ursena + Kunchen in the same def team? Both are decent tanks and none is good for wing.
Does it worth to set them tank and flank? which order? Kunchen provoke attacker to bring yellow + if Kunchen fires he gives link with extra protection against holy.

Maybe it’d work better in wars, but I don’t know about regular raid defenses. Sounds more fun to me.

I’d be tempted to put Mitsuko or Ursena in those concept teams too.


Let’s not forget the mana troops for heroes. Having one of each colour at lvl 23 takes a year and a half (for an active player like me). Having 4 of those… Oh, well… And mana troops lvl 23, no matter, offense or defense, are a game changer imo.


I looked through my last 1,500 raids and I have not encountered a team like this (other than an obvious cup dropper). It’s not that uncommon to see a 2-1-1-1 in my experience, usually either a tank of color x with flanks both color y, but I don’t see more extreme color stacking.

Here were my initial reactions:

  • As @Scarecrow pointed out, troops would be a potential problem - enough that it could undo any advantage this scheme gains (and I’m not sure there is any).
  • Same as @DaveCozy, trying to incorporate Mitsuko or Ursena seems smart. For example, I have not exactly been happy to see Boss Wolf tanks with an Ursena wing. I have some time against that defense, but if it goes bad it goes really bad.
  • I would also maybe try to incorporate a wider variety of element links. Khiona’s heal in your team example.
  • As many posters pointed out, a 3/2 dark holy seems the natural response, and I think would fare well. I’m fine with going dark heavy to remove the tank and then focusing on exploiting the empty column’s mana boost as I prep my next kill.
  • Lastly, I think this may be a more effective concept in war, especially if you can coordinate multiple alliance members to do it.

See, now you’re talking my language haha. The idea of a Socrcerer and Guin team makes me smile (and I’ve tested it a bit)… Alasie, Mits, Guin, Ursena, Morgan… if you had enough emblems, that could be super frustrating with delay.

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I’d only be comfortable up to 2-1-1-1 on defense. I run Triton—Alby—BT—Ariel—Proteus for the Atlantis family bonus (Ariel-Triton-Proteus). At a team power of 3985 plus 10% def bonus I survive raids from 4000-4100 teams pretty regularly. Teams above that generally win every time.

I’ve been running this defense for a while. It’s the best I have and rarely drops below 2550.


I’m going to try this one, if I’ll be praised with 9 tabards and a dart.



You would be better off running a 3-2 defense.

4-1 is easily killed by a mono team especially yellow.

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Thanks a lot. So Kunchen has to be a tank to provoke apponent bring yellow. Need to finish him first. Now my def is Frida+7 - Kingston +4 -Ursena +8 - Onatel+9 - Marjana +7 and I rarely drop down to platina only sometimes.

Guin and Ursl like to punish a mono holy attack. 3-2 holy-dark would work, but imo it’ll be worth a try.