All purple deffense yes or no

Trying to figure out how I could put mok-art to use

This is probably a team suited for a yellow titan but not in defense imho. Playere can easily stack yellow heroes against this defense, and few good tiles will just blow through it.

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No a mono def team is to easily destroyed with opposing colour stack

Agree, I wouldn’t do a mono defense team unless it’s for trolling or cup dropping. Too easy to stack yellow and take it out.

One nice thing you do have for using Mok-Arr in defense though is Khiona’s berserker boost letting her non-dark allies taking advantage of the damage Mok-Arr does to them.

edit: something like this might work, with elemental links doing the healing:
Mok-Arr | Drake Fong | Khiona | Evelyn | Kageburado

that’s just an idea though. someone else can probably give a better one

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Yea I don’t get why people run mono defense. This is just ensuring your opponent has great time raiding.

My Jackal got wet just looking at this screenshot.


No, IMO rainbow defenses are the only answer.

All purple is a very lulzy defense, but yeah, it’s too easy to crack open even with a moderately strong yellow stack. A 5 stack of yellow can crater Mok-Arr (or really any tank) in just three tiles (depending on hero strengths of course), so even anything remotely serviceable will send Mok-Arr into the ground, and once that front gate is open, I’m not sure how well the rest of the defense will hold.

I think the math that I’ve heard along the grapevine is that a full mono offense has a 33-40% chance of straight up not giving you the tiles you need (or at least not in a matchable format), so it’s not unfeasible, but the power of an offensive stack is so great that it might not matter.

I mean you’re not going to lose all the time, but you’re just asking for a full yellow stack.

Replace Mok by Drake and check it out. Opposite color tank may work, but never use a mono def…


I think you can make Mok-Arr more useful by not using him


Okay just seeing if there was a plausible way of using him he will remain on the bench I have a ton of other hero’s to level

Maybe one day they will fix him make him better

Also, doing a mono defense is difficult due to lack of leveled troops. In general, we all level 1/2 4* troop in each colour. Which means, running a rainbow makes the best use of those troops to boost your defense even more. You will have a hard time finding good troops for a mono team. :slight_smile:

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Tbh I felt the same way… although you do have the heroes to support and make him work, I don’t think he’s worth Hel, Khiona, or Kage’s spot.

I would max bring 3 of the same color in a defense team, so for me it’s hard to justify putting him in a defense team with your roster.

Wait, troops matter for defense?

Big time. All those bonuses and buffs provided by troops matter at least as much on defense. There’s a reason the really serious players have level 30 troops.


Try putting this. Should be quite fun:

Domitia - Kunchen - Hel - Kage - Mok

Oddly I fought an all purple defense in raid today. Sabina, sartana, khiona, rigard, cyprian(idk why in corner). I went at them with no yellows. I used triton, Mel, Kiril, gaderius and tiburtus. Odd I know but I fought crazy with crazy and won.likely it was someone who swapped their titan team and didn’t change back. I mean why put cyprian in corner where he covers only 1 other hero?