Dual Defense 4-1? What do you think about it?

TBH, I would just use a neutral mono team against such a defense but thats just me.

Anyhow, if board is bad nothing will be good anyway.
Too many people unable to let go of Guin as tank even with current meta.

However, a highly emblemed Guin is still very scary. Raiding a Guin +7 and below is still something that I would hunt for.

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I’ve used ursena tank with Kunchen flank and it is only slightly less effective than kunchen/ Ursena. Either way you encourage people not to use a strong yellow mono stack and then punish a bad board.

If I had Panther I would try adding her purple defense down. Maybe Poseidon, panther, Kunchen, Ursena, Anzogh.


You only need to see tournaments where is common to stack the weak vs banned color and notice that are some other important questions to pay attention.

But with that config skills with bonus damage against a color or bonus defense could help a lot.

I prefer ABABA than AABAA display.

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Not 4-1, but 3-2.

I’m going to try a dual def on tomorrow’s field aid war.

We set up nature tanks this time and hopefully the opponents will get rid of many reds while attempting to take me out…


Interesting experiment and I’ll be curious to hear what the results were after the weekend.

One note: if you have any comparable blue sniper who is fast, I’d sub them in for Frida. I’d expect a Mitsuko led red stack to attack you, and Frida is a good bit more likely to get killed on the reflect that, say, Magni / Alice (due to their faster special and single target / less overall damage reflected) will not.

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I have Misandra and Athena both with emblems, but hope for faster charging with the mermaid.

Tried all of them, but this one looked the best… :star_struck:

4 health dealing elder woman and a shemale teddy :rofl:

Ariels cleanse could be helpful against burn, too.

I talked about this in my alliance the other day. I want to do. Defense stack with Guin, Ursena, Seshat/Kunch, Kingston and either Alby or Lianna, or something very close to it.

Ursena makes it hard to bring holy heroes to the table which keeps Guin around, and with Ursena and Seshat flanking her then dark heroes would only be half the damage to them, then Kingston resists Burn so no GM/Marjana/Azlar stuff.

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Nope and nope. Not enough damage. No plan B if LOtL does not fire.

Great defense for this AW, but replace Frida with Misandra. With aid field, I don’t think anyone will take it down in 1-shot. And in part 2, should resist 3-4 attacks in row. I saw in your videos that your alliance faces mid players (not 4300+ like top alliances) and this defense will be a nightmare for them. Good luck!

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Yes, we only have 6 players 4k+ and 10 members who can’t manage 6 attacks, too. Rest average from 2,5 to 4 k.

I wasn’t attacked at all for the last 3 wars.

I can imagine :joy: Btw, next time you wanna talk about war, please use my thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Alliance Wars -->> Share your teams, strategy & discuss

The idea is cool, but i rather make a 3+2 Green and red. I explain why.

In your asset you make a 3 red stack against LotL weak against your blues.
Useful on a single raid, less for multiple attacks.

The whole point of using a same color tank tactics is to make the opponent running short on a color.
So once they are short on reds, they probably go stacking green against your flanks. And green is neutral against your other greens.

If you put 2 reds on flanks, when they run out of good reds they should stuck blue against your flanks, but so be weak on your 3 greens.

Could be less points on first, but more points on the second half.

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Yes, exactly that is what I want the opponents to.

Hopefully Lakey will go off or be rezzed fully charged and immediately become a deadly threat even for a green red 3-2.

Green tanks this time, so green and red are the colors to bring in. My def seems to be a nice aim to reduce their strong heroes.

I keep you informed, even if I’ll die on the 1st attack.


Isn’t stacking the same color of the tank doubling the mana gains?

Nope. Just more damage.

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I meant enemy mana. I apologize for my poor speech. Writting in a phone is annoying :slight_smile:

No, the enemies mana will only be charged by hitting tiles (no matter which color) and on every turn.

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I died on the 1st attack :rofl:

But we’re leading and flipped the board twice.

Here are my 2nd 3 flags.

That’s exactly Idea I got too. Once Ursena maxed and emblemed, I would like to try following combinations:

Very similar to yours, I am really curious to swap Kunchen and Ursena

Something more crazy, but probably with not enough fire power

And gambler’s dream :rofl:


I also like this defense team


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