Possible Future Defense Team

So i currently run

Scarlett+9- G. Panther+1 - Guin+1 - Rigard+5 - Athena+1

As my Raid defense. Keeps me in the 23-2400 range.

I am one tabard short of maxing Seshat and wonder what folks think of the following defense.

Comments plz.

Bold on the wing? Like the legend of this game, Zero, used to say, a healer on the wing of a defense it’s a less hero in that defense. Perhaps only for wars, perhaps… For the second part of the war, when the opponents have weaker attacks and a healer on the wing has a higher chance to help his allies.

  1. Don’t love healers on the outside
  2. Don’t love average speed on the outside
  3. 2 healers is arguably too many. The goal is to kill the opponent, outhealing their dmg (if you can) doesn’t necessarily accomplish this as well as adding another offensive kill threat.

Get rid of BT. Add another fast attacker


Bt is there mostly for the atk up the heal is meh. Kiril+1 is the only other atk up hero i have so same thing

So maybe

Panther- bt/kiril- Guin - seshat- athena

Or maybe swap athena and seshat, but im trying for at least 1 dark flank. And i dont have many fast heroes ready to go.

Personally I think the mana considerations trump the purple flank niceness. Average just takes too long to fire on the outside. Plus if you have the purples on the wing you are less vulnerable to a yellow 5 stack.

Personally I think
Is slightly better.

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Thanx, i’ll try it both ways.

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