Difference in raid mission chests between platinum and diamond

Is there a (significant) difference between the loot one gets in the raid mission chests at diamond vs platinum level?

My team is weak (below 4000), so it takes lots of careful timing and rerolling to finish the mission in diamond (before getting whacked back down to platinum).

Managed to get 3 chests at diamond level, but they seem pretty much the same as platinum.

Thus, I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort and food.


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200k food 180k iron and sometimes a hero trainer. also no nothing great

In my honest opinion in the main there is no significant difference…
That said sometimes in Diamond tier I have received “more” or “better” stuff …
That’s why people cup drop to lower tiers, just to keep opening the chests more frequently in the hope of getting elemental chests …

Thanks @rafraph @JGE! So no ascension materials or epic summons?

I’m CTP, so those are the items I would be willing use hams (and lots of planned timing).

epic summon tokens are rare.
ascension materials very rare

Sounds like I just need to get much stronger. If only the RNG would agree…

Great topic, I was wondering this myself. With the ongoing power-dash, I made the decision to cup drop, to avoid the frustration ‘up there’.

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The increased resources are nice at the higher level. It only matters where you are when you open it.
I wouldn’t say spend 50k hams rerolling until you can get a perfect matchup. But higher raid tier loot will be a plus over a period of time, especially if you are usually limited on ham and iron.

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