Drops from ~1200 monster and raid chests, comparing monster, platinum, and diamond, and pre-tier raid


Definitely. Ham, Iron & mats. It‘s all better.


As far as I can tell, you get 1 skip per 8 hours up to a max of three.

Yes, if you look at the spreadsheet screen grab its appears that drops rates for ascension materials and epic troop tokens are likely better in raid chests at the diamond and platinum level. Hero tokens we need more data I think. So you’re better off skipping said chest timers to fill 4 of them per day and only 132 monster without skipping.


Can you comment on any tracking you are doing on diamond chest loot? I ask because when the new tiers came out, I’d get at least 1 3* unfarmable every 7-10 days. Then they upped the food/iron to align to storage’s and now I see, maybe, 1 per month. So I wonder if they nerfed the ascension item roll when they upped the ham/iron reward. Or maybe I was just lucky at the beginning, not lucky in the recent two months, and it’s all RNG :slight_smile:


We get 24 raid flags per day, so even if you use ALL those flags and win ALL the raids, you only get 120 heroes/day in the chest, which is 3 chests. Lose a raid or two, and you’re only filling fewer. Sure you can flask occasionally, but any strategy that leans on using flasks isn’t sustainable.

Your general conclusion is right, though: rush raid chests in preference to monster chests. I just don’t find that I can usefully rush raid chests more than once each day.


Yes, sorry I mispoke. The average is probably more like 3/day not using flasks. When I first started I had a stash of raid flasks saved up so I was able to skip only raid chest timers. The raid flask drop rate at diamond and platinum is actually pretty good and level ups refill raid hits too. Considering all those factors I was able to skip mostly raid timers for quite a while, but not sustainably. So you might have to throw in a few monster chest skips every now and then.

Win rate is starting to become an issue now. Too many guins and other HOTM/event heroes creeping into the 2400-2700 cup range. I’m probably going to cup drop again for 95%+ win rates and less food for rerolls. Plus raids are starting to feels like a chore. I miss getting 6 wins in <10 min in platinum.


I think you’d need thousands of chests in the suspect time period to observe any statistically significant change. If there was a reduction, I’d guess it would have happened to counter alliance war drops.

I have noticed a lot more ways to buy ascension materials lately, either through direct purchase or the ~250 gem deals. Not sure if they’d reduce drop rates to encourage spending.

Either way, I have way more ascension materials than good heroes currently due to chest timer skipping.


That would be great! I’m traveling currently but next week I’ll get in touch with you to add your data. I think to crowdsource data the best way would be to require 50 data points at a time. People are more likely to report terrible or amazing chests and omit mediocre otherwise.


OK, sounds good. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. gschenendorf@gmail.com if you want to e-mail me.