Domitia - my shiny new hero

I’m F2P, and I have had a couple of VERY lucky summons - Onatel and Poseidon - but last night, I pulled the first five-star out of my TC20, Domitia (after only 4 pulls, no less!) From reading the boards and using her, I know that Onatel is a high-tier hero with abundant uses across map, raid, defense, war, class quests, and even Titans, to an extent. Poseidon is still new, so the jury is still out on him a bit, I guess, but it seems like he will also be well-regarded. Since my yellow ascension mats are going to Onatel first anyway, I’ve got some time to figure him out. But I’m wondering about how folks feel about Domitia.

Honestly, I was hoping my five-star purple from the TC20 would be Sartana, as folks (including my alliance mate, who has her) seem to have a clear-cut high opinion of her downright nuclear special, but comparing stats, Domitia doesn’t seem to be a huge step down. Her special does 410% damage vs. Sartana’s 452%, but Domitia’s attack stat is 725 vs. Sartana’s 694. Obviously, Sartana’s DOT makes hers superior from a damage standpoint, but while its a cut below, dispel nearby buffs and 94% protection against her weak element doesn’t seem too shabby.

So basically, I’m just curious how folks like to use Domitia. Where do you find her effective? Where not so much? I’ve got a couple of purple projects I would like to finish before I start in on her in earnest, and I’m still hoping to pull Rigard, but despite my recent good luck, I’m assuming 5-stars are going to remain relatively rare for me, so I need to know what this one is best at before I invest a bunch in her. If there’s an existing thread on this, I’d be fine with doing a little reading. Thanks. This community is the best.


I really like her.

Ok, she’s no hotm, but the recent buff makes her a decent sniper.

And the dispell is really useful.

I have Sartana too and use both regularly, including flanking a yellow tank on defence.

And she’s my favourite avatar.

You’ve got a lot of levels to go, but I hope you enjoy the ride :grin:


Yellow titans and anti-guin team for me.


I think she’s underrated. You’re right that Sartana overall is more desirable, but Domitia offers great utility with her skill instead of offensive support.

IMO, Domitia is the best counter to Khiona and Ares. They aren’t super must counter heroes, but nonetheless can be threatening if left unchecked, so it’s nice to have the option to dispel their buffs. There are more uses for the dispell of course, you can never have too many dispellers imo.

The elemental barrier can also be situationally useful, this one is a bit more niche though but can help against Onatel or Drake Fong.

If she is your only purple five star by the time you have the 6 tabbards, I would ascend her. She’s underrated like I said, I think that her utility has various applications, aside from raids and wars, she’ll be helpful against the Rare yellow Gryphon titan and against some campaign bosses.

Edit: lol, yeah she counters Guin too, somewhat. How could I forget that part! The only reason I say “somewhat” is because you need to be ready to charge Domitia’s special AFTER she fires, otherwise the mana drain will take it away. It’s a bit more difficult but do-able.


Better then before for me, but still my last choice for tabards.
Not great attack stats, average mana and not a devastating special. It is quite a slower purple version of Perseus.

Her good point is the dispel skill, but i happen to rather use Sabina as my third stack against Guin because she can be both dispeller and safe net.

So sorry but i’m not a huge fan of her.

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Wow, congrats on your new 5* heroes, both yellows should be great and like @JonahTheBard said, Dom is pretty good.

Depending on your mats, recommend you take both Onatel and Poseiden to 3/70 before deciding who to ascend first.

Depends on if you have a few attackers/snipers that can work with Onatel or if you have more healers/utility heroes maxed, then a fast sniper like Poseiden might be first for the darts.

As a perspective, I’m still hoping to get him in Atlantis. I have Onatel at 3/70 and currently working on Joon. Poseiden will take priority for mats first if I get him.


I really like Domitia as an f2p player as well. I have both her and Sartana maxed and together with Rigard they make the 3 in my 3-2 purple stacks and do exceptionally well together. You have damage, healing, cure, and dispel all right there in those 3. It’s really very effective against nearly every team, even non-yellow tanks.

I also have put emblems on her in Rogue class and they make her even better. She dodges damage fairly often, and with just one attack level boost so far (740 att) she is hitting roughly as hard as regular Sartana. At level 8 in Rogue you get mana bonus which means with only a level 17 mana troop (achievable for f2p) you can drop a tile from her and she will charge in just 9 tiles, making her effectively fast speed much of the time. This combined with her dispel skill and the yellow defense boost (useful against titans), makes her really quite good in my opinion.

Since you are f2p, the only other 5 star candidate in Rogue is going to be Marjana, who is already a fast hero. So I have chosen to go with Domitia at least up to emblem level 8 to speed her up and make my roster as a whole faster and bring more useful skills into it.


For a f2p player, she is a very solid 5* purple. There aren’t a lot of great rogues in the f2p realm, also. Take her to 3/70 and then if you have the tabards and nobody better has shown up I don’t think you’ll regret maxing her.


Yeah, I guess I was asking the context of classic heroes, which is all I can for sure count on getting, eventually. (Not that it stops me from dreaming about pulling Ariel to pair with my Poseidon!) Sounds like I could do worse, as that goes. Maybe the upcoming re-skins of some classic heroes will add more functionality whenever they get here.

Isn’t that perpetually the case, especially for F2P? :smile: Thanks for the notes, Bard.

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Don’t I know it? I currently run both Sabina and Melendor, and I don’t regret it at all.

This is rather the crux of the biscuit. I’m sitting on 8 trap tools and 2 or 3 tabbards, so I have a while to go regardless. And as I said, if I pull Rigard, it’s going to delay Domitia’s progress even more. Even a goober like me can see he’s a must-max.

I’ll take “underrated”. Thanks, Dave.


Really? My impression is that most people give that designation to Quintus. This is disappointing.

I like her at 3/70. Finally got the 6th tabard from an Atlantis portal chest, but in getting the chest I also pulled Hel, so my Domitia will need to be patient.

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This is kind of funny, as I’m currently running Onatel with two snipers (Grimm and Gormek) and two healers (Sabina and Melendor). So I guess it’s right down the middle. Onatel was such a game changer for me that I haven’t thought twice about giving her the darts. There’s an extensive thread about her being a great tank, so that’s been my plan… max and tank her. She’s already at 3^70, and I have 3 orbs and 4 darts, so I was figuring that I’d ascend her by July at the worst. It took me from January to March to get her to 3^70; I guess I could try to get Poseidon there by July and then make the decision.

Wow! Over Onatel and Joon? That is surprising. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Oh, yeah. That sounds beastly.

This is good to know. My rogue emblems are currently on Danzaburo, but that’s because he is currently my defense team tank. I can easily see pulling them from him and giving them to Domitia, since I hope to be using Onatel as my tank by then.

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Aw, I feel so bad for you! :wink: Congrats. Hel sounds ridiculously good, and now you’re all set to max her.

If you get Rigard then for sure ascend him, he’s super helpful during raids. Even in map levels he’s still great, bulky healer and saves your antidote use if he’s charged.

I have two of him myself. And I often wish I had a third for wars lol.

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Grimm and gormek aren’t snipers. Snipers hit one target very hard. Those are debuffers / splash / cleave / pulverizers.

Domitia is rogue. If you have emblems keep pumping into her def/health. She works as a tank with the yellow defense buff. She has decent attack and a dispel to boot.

If the opponent allows her to launch her special. Yellow stacks will find her difficult.
She is also a rogue, which allows her to dodge damage from specials.

She is definitely very viable for F2P players. Great pull from TC20 by the way.


Grimm and gormek aren’t snipers.

Ok. I wondered if they were still considered snipers. They (and Tiburtus) are the hardest hitters I have. The closest things I have to what you are describing are Kelile and Sonya, both at 3^60.

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This is a play style choice. I took Onatel over Joon and would do it again over Poseidon.

As l2ider said, take them both to 3/70 and see who you like best.