Domitia - my shiny new hero

Wondering who you are playing him with?

Nobody right now. He’s still at 1^1. My main team right now is Grimm, Sabina, Onatel, Gormek, and Melendor. Other decent heroes I could swap in are Tiburtus, Danzaburo, Skittleskull, Kelile, and Sonya. That’s about it for now.

Obviously, Poseidon > Onatel for Titans, but I can’t finish Atlantis hard levels or Legendary events without Onatel. The latter are my best sources of mats outside rare quests. My alliance can only fight baby Titans. Onatel hasn’t been a game changer in raids; Poseidon might be better there, but I heard that Onatel is a really good tank at 4^80, so that’s another reason I was going to max her.

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She works as a tank with the yellow defense buff.

I was wondering about this. I can easily pull emblems from Danza when the time comes. WAY down the road, I was considering the viability of playing her at tank, flanked by Onatel and Poseidon. That’s just me thinking about my current personnel. What do you think?

She is definitely very viable for F2P players. Great pull from TC20 by the way.

Thank you! I was hoping to hear she was at least viable. Didn’t want to be sitting around waiting on Sartana. Was so afraid my first TC20 5-star would be the apparently-universally-hated Thorne!

Domi was my first maxed 5*, and I still use her every day. With her speed and dispel, she is a great counter to many annoying tanks, including Guin, Aegir, Ares, and Oatmeal. The defense against yellow is nice for yellow titans. Besides, she has a cool avatar!


I’m going to throw some cold water on this discussion. How many tabards, Damascus blades, and tomes of tactics do you have?

As exciting as a legendary hero is, for a new player they are rarely the right place to spend your limited resources. I always encourage players starting out to first build a solid bench of rare heroes, then move onto a double rainbow of epic heroes, and then and only then start working on your legendary heroes. Why?

Most legendary heroes don’t really come into their own until they are in the fourth ascension. Getting them there takes an inordinate amount of food, recruits, and rare ascension materials. When you’re starting out, you don’t have much of a backlog of these materials to actually get your legendary heroes into the fourth ascension, so they typically sit at 3/70. Particularly the attack heroes, like Domitia and Onatel, those heroes are not going to be as effective as epic heroes at 4/70, but they’ll have taken up just as much material, and more food and more hams. Legendary heroes add 2/60 are particularly feeble. I would almost always prefer to have epic heroes stuck at 3/60 instead.

There are many epic heroes that have hugely valuable special skills. These epic heroes will really be the backbone of your team for many many months. Once you have that core in place, you can add the five star heroes in as icing on the cake.

Building out your team from the bottom up has several advantages:

First, it’s essential that you be able to finish all of the rare quests that come along, about every 10 days. These are an easy and reliable source of the rare ascension materials you need desperately.

Second, you need 30 developed heroes for alliance wars. If you’re sinking all your resources into a few legendary heroes, your bench depth will suffer.

Third, you need rare and epic heroes to complete the rare and epic tiers of monthly challenge events and weekly raid tournaments.

So consider working on Tibertus, Rigard or Proteus before turning to Domitia.


Have fun. Level her.

I have leveled Domitia to 5* 2.60 and am considering her for 5* 3.60

Hoping “skins” makes her more useful.

@NotVixx, I don’t have Poseiden wish I did.
I was going to sandwich my holy with kage and Victor. From a defense viewpoint, Onatel makes the most sense and eventually that’s the plan once I get 4 more darts.

But so far I’ll need a heavy holy sniper for titans.

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I hope they don’t screw things up with skins. The heroes have a fair amount of uniqueness. I don’t want them eligible to all become the same. A skin that allows attack and defense to be swapped would be interesting, but could be risky to the game.

I would agree with this, if the RNG paywall was not so high

Click for boring bits the Devs are already know

I have 5 each on blades and tomes, and 8 trap tools. Tabards is where I’m hurting, with only 2. I’ve been waiting on darts for Onatel for a long time, so I know how long getting the tabards is going to take. Naturally, I have 4 each on scopes and rings (with Mt. Umber and Frostmarch just over the horizon), with no red or blue 5-star to tag them for.

I’m getting pretty close on that. I’m pretty deep on maxed red, blue, and green 3-stars, OK on yellow 3-stars (will finish Melia today, to go with a maxed Bane and a near-maxed Bane), and thanks to pulling Sabina early, I’m hurting on 3-star purples. I have Prisca maxed (for all the good that does), and my plan is to go back and max Tyrum and Balthazar before working on Domitia. Also, as I said, I’d stop Domitia in a heartbeat and work on Rigard if I could pull him. He and Boldtusk are the two I want most right now. I’m just in research mode now to see how excited to be that I pulled Domitia.

I’ve got my first four-star rainbow team with Grimm 4^70, Sabina 4^70+6, Danzaburo 4^70+5, Gormek 4^70+4, and Melendor 4^70+5. My second rainbow team would be Tiburtus 4^70+6, Skittleskull 4^51, Kelile 3^60, Sonya 3^60, and I don’t really have a good option for another 4-star yellow - just two more Danzaburos - so I’m counting Onatel 3^70 as roughly equal to another 4-star. I have the blades for Kelile and the capes for Sonya, but I wasn’t sure they were the best options in their respective colors - just the best options I have right now. Like I said, I’m holding out for Boldtusk in red, and probably Kiril in blue. I don’t have any more blue 4-star options, though, so when I finish Gunnar, I’m giving Sonya the capes (I have 7). In red, I’m working on a second Kelile right now as my only other option.

Yep, and I’m hoping for some of them to come out of my TC20, namely Boldtusk, Kiril, and Wu Kong. Also hoping for Atlantis heroes Proteus, Triton, Wilbur, and Gaderius. But I just have to plan in light of the four-stars I still have that I can level, which is nothing else in green, a half-leveled Kelile and a Kelile to be ascended in red, a Sonya to be ascended in blue, two more untouched Danzas in yellow, an untouched Sabina and two more untouched Tiburtuses in purple.

No problems there. I’m handling those with ease.

Yeah, past my first two teams, I’m relying on 3-stars here, which hurts. But again, I don’t have a ton of four-star options right now, either.

Also not having much trouble here. Onatel ensures that I can complete Legendary as well, albeit with some carpet bombing toward the end.

Yeah, I would LOVE to be working on a Rigard or Proteus, believe me. Might consider working on another Tiburtus, I guess, but as I said, I need to go back for Tyrum and Balthazar at the moment. Prisca as my only maxed purple three-star is not ideal.

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Now you are the LAST person I expected to give this advice! :laughing: Thanks to you, I haven’t started working on my Poseidon yet (way more fun than Domitia) so I could max Melia (at 3^44 this morning, btw). I’m way deeper with 4-stars in purple, so I have less of an immediate need for Domitia. I’m going to go back and max Tyrum and Balthazar before I start working on her (per your excellent advice elsewhere). But with all these people singing Poseidon’s praises, I may be invoking the “have fun” mantra there and skipping the Kailani and Gan Ju I know I should be maxing before working on him.

From your mouth to SGG’s ears, brother.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. Because you had just started running TC20 I had incorrectly assumed you weren’t as far along as you are.

4* Yellows are a PITA – the two you should be on the lookout for are Wu Kong and Guardian Jackal (available in the challenge event starting soon).

Sounds like going with Domitia to 3/70 is a reasonable call. Her yellow shield and debuff are just as good at 3/70 as at 4/80, and those are both important skills.


You know, I noticed this. I used to think I really needed Li Xiu and/or Chao, but folks don’t seem too high on them, either. So there really aren’t many good options, are there? That’s part of the reason I’m thinking Poseidon to at least 2^60 (3^70 if I can get the orbs) and Onatel to 4^80 (which is why I’m saving the orbs). If the yellow four-star options suck, screw it. I’ll go straight to the yellow 5-stars that the RNG saw fit to bless me with!

That said, I’ve got about 900+ gems banked. As F2P, is it worth rolling the dice on Thursday to try and get Jackal in 3 pulls? I was originally thinking of saving them, finishing Atlantis (normal and hard, hopefully) next month, and then using coins and gems to make a crap ton of Atlantis pulls to try and get Proteus, Triton, Gadarius, and/or Wilbur (another Atlantis 5-star or HotM wouldn’t hurt my feelings either, obviously! :smile:).


Through trial and error, I’ve arrived at same conclusion. I’m finally working on 5s. I’m curious if I’m doing it correctly. Marjana took about 3.5 weeks to fully ascend. I used about 95% of all of my resources to get there running TC19, TC11, and TCx2. Eight farms maxed. Question, is there a better way? Seems like some teams get a HOTM and a few days later they have a fully ascended version. At my current rate, I won’t have a full 5 rainbow until 4th of July.

I always wondered why domitia was so disliked in purple when there are way worse(ahem…quintus) and while sartana is the sniper, I put dom as my number 2 purple for tc20. I have seen the poseidon debate and some argue joon is better(he’s the 1 5 I got from countless pulls). My tc20s (3, each have given 1 5* so far with a total of 60 attempts though more attempts on 1 camp than other 2. ) I’ve been collecting only when 10 results are finished so its like getting a 10x. I hope when I collect I find sartana or domitia there. I have the mats and I think sartana gets a slight edge (esp with joon) but is be happy to add her to my 5 star collection.
You also mentioned getting wu, Kiril, etc. I got them in pulls but since then I have gotten 2 more of each from tc20. Funny how I used to fantasize about 1 wu, now I have 3 and wonder what ro do with the dupes. Kiril dupes work in war. And you mentioned triton and gaderius. I have both and they work great together and with Kiril. The one 4 I really want is proteus. He fits the Atlantis family and using 3 bumps defense 15%. Good luck with your tc. It took me 34 tries to get a 5(khagan, then Vivica and Elena) but you got one early. Hope the keep showing up like that…

Yeah, it was funny. I was at McDonald’s after church with my 11-year-old nephew, who is in my alliance, and I told him, “Since I started my TC20, I’ve pulled three 3-stars, so I’m due.” Obviously, I meant for a 4-star, since the odds would roughly give you a 4-star every 4-5 pulls. When I hit the button and Domitia popped out. All I could do was laugh. Hope this doesn’t jinx me for a while.

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Now that’s what I call a…



Your yellow roster

Thank you for the compliment.

Your yellow hero situation is different from your purple hero situation ( edit: actually, I may be confusing you with another user ). This is why I always say “What else is in your roster”

One of the weird things about Empires is 4* 3.60 > 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50. So Domitia 5* 2.60 will actually be more powerful than Tyrum 3* 3.50 and Balthazar 3* 3.50.

3* ascension items are 3x as plentiful as 4* ascension items so by the time you get the 6x Tabards and 8x Trap Tools for a 5* purple, you have 18x Trap Tools or 10x extra trap tools. You can use that to level two 4* heroes to 4* 4.70 or two 5* heroes to 4* 3.70 . If you had better options for 4* purple ( I am drowning in them so I have the problem of too many for my purple Hero XP ) but without better options, Domitia at 5* 3.70 might be your best bet.

Gem summons

Guardian Jackal gets all the attention ( for a lot of good reasons ) but Guardian Falcon is actually the more powerful hero at both 4* 3.60 and 4* 4.70 because his Elemental defense debuff affects up to 3 targets and his defense stat is comparable to a red 5* hero BEFORE you use emblems on him. With the addition of Wilbur to the game, Guardian Falcon is over powered.

I will keep doing three 1x summons per Guardians until I get Falcon. I would not mind a second Jackal or a second Falcon once I get a first one.

In fact I just power leveled the following rainbow team from 4* 4.50 to 4* 4.70 so I could put emblems on them for war- Tiburtus 4*+5, Jackal 4*+1 ( has to compete with Scarlett 4*+7 ), Kiril 4*+1 ( has to compete with Proteus 4*+7 ), Boldtusk 4*+5, Hansel 4*+1 ( has to compete with Rigard 4*+8 ).

Until I got Jackal and Joon, I used a 4* 4.70 and a 4* 3.60 Wu Kong in war. Not a lot of purple centers at my alliance level, or my Wu Kong 4* 3.60 would still be getting a lot of use.

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I actually wasn’t planning on collecting when it happened, I had been adding recruits to train but instead I hit the icon and started collecting. 3* karil came up and I couldn’t stop it so I had to go on. All 3s until number 9 which was my 3rd Kiril, last one up was khagan. I was happy. Tc20 worked…lol. Since I collected there, I went to others and collected. Next I collected and again all 3s with a 3rd Wu then last was Elena. Great! On last tc I collected and first up was actually Vivica, I hoped to see more but only 3s followed. But 3 5s in 1 day was fine by me. 2 reds wasn’t the greatest thing and Vivica is a great healer but I have joon waiting for 1 dart. So tomorrow when I collect hopefully there’s a nice sartana, domitia, magni or lianna waiting(or all of them!!!)

I like Gretel too. I think she is underrated because Hansel is better, but she is a very solid 4 star hero.


I would love falcon or jackal. I’m done Atlantis normal up to 25 and hard to 18. Not many coins left to get and I wish I saved for poseidon, Ariel, etc. I have gotten lucky with 4s from there with triton(3rd 4* after melendor and Kiril) and I just maxed gaderius who has great synergy with Kiril and triton except that Kiril overwrites gads attack down from 42% to 30%. Can’t seem to get proteus(got amoenna and danzaburo who isn’t that bad). I do have 1200 gems saved as I went from c2p to f2p. With my building pretty much done the only thing is the 30 daily gems I miss. If I do pull in guardians I will likely get owl…lol) But panther would be great, can’t win if don’t play.