Any love for Domitia?

Domitia is my only dark legendary at 2.60. I use her with Ameonna who is at 3.60.

I use them both on yellow titans, and I am getting KILLED. Because, yes, neither hero is very strong.

My question, does Dom’s holy shield work for you?

Because, right now, the monster titan just laughs at the +94 holy defense.

I could max and level both purples, but I’m FTP, so I can’t just be giving away traps tools and tabards. :slight_smile:

Thoughts anyone?

Elemental defence is a bit tricky, expecially against your strong color.

A dark hero receive 200% damage from holy. So the +94% defence against holy makes your hero receive 200% - 94% = 106%.
Aka, about the same damage as it would be red, blue or green.

If your heroes are not strong enough, this can’t help you so much for survive.

I like Domitia art and dispel is a good skill, but her damage output for an average hero is really too low and her attack stat doesn’t help much for tile damage.

Some people like her more then Obakan or Quintus. I honestly not among them.
If i want an average dispeller, i use Sabina.

The suggest is always the same: if you are going to pull and spend… wait.
If your prospective is go F2P and wait several months for another dark hero… use what you have.

I have Domitia on my #1 raid team maxed +5. With 755 she is hitting hard and her special at 410% does a considerable amount of damage to one enemy. What I like even more is, that she takes away the bonus from the target and 2 neighbours. The special defence against holy does not play an extra role in my game. At the moment I level up Seshat, and when she is ready, I think, I will use Domitia still a lot for color stacking.

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Max her right away. I have her and love her. I know you are waiting for Sartana is what I am guessing but she is great. I have had her and she is max and +8 which is great. Not only do you get the damage but she debuffs 3 and gives the shield for holy as well. Then once you add emblems she gets better stats plus she also gets evade which is one of the best skills. If she evades a sniper that makes it a wasted turn.
I don’t have Sartana yet but even if I did I won’t regret giving her the tabbards. Here is mine at +8. Don’t sit with her while waiting for Sartana. Even if you get her you will still want Domitia as a FTP. The same goes for Leonidas. He is like Domitia/Sartana to him and Joon. Don’t sit around on heroes esp if you are FTP.

Also, I have Obakan and I am leveling him next if I don’t get Sartana from my 30x from TC20. I am going to hit 300 pulls from there so I might as well use Obakan in war too. I have Sabina and all the other 4* purples and Proteus but they don’t hold up to the stats of a 5*. As f2p you really want to use them. Quintus is meh like Obakan but at least Obakan is fast mana. I see you only have them early too and I really would NOT level Amoenna. I have her and she sits at 2.1. Unless they buff her to get mane while a ghost she really isn’t useful. You need diverse heroes and she is strictly titan at best. I would wait for Tiburtus to max as a 4* since trap tools are way more common then tabbards. But Domitia is very good IMO.


In my honest opinion, and I have Domitia, she is good when maxed with emblems. She is better than Quintus.

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@Elpis Thank you for the math! I love numbers, so this breakdown made sense to me. No wonder I’m getting killed.

@JussufSegelbaer Thank you for this! I was hoping she would hit harder. That’s the main reason I’ve not spent more time on her. What does “takes away the bonus” mean?

@Obsidian Appreciate the detailed reply! Not waiting on Sartana actually. :smile: Purple heroes elude me all the time. Dom was an accidental pull from Atlantis. Your Dom is quite awesome. Thank you for your insight!

@JGE Thank you! Seems everyone is in agreement, Dom needs emblems! Plus that evade is just so fun to watch … and irritating when I fight against her.


So if I use someone like kadilen along with her and I have the defense from a special skill, does that subtract as well? I think its like 74% against the special skill. So assuming this covers her too which it would, is this just subtraction for the damage?

You can’t really judge a sniper at 2/60 unfortunately, none are going to be that good and some really good ones are going to be deceptively bad. I’d say give her a shot at 3/70 and evaluate, but don’t feel like you have to max her just because you invested trap tools, tabards are a lot harder to come by in the long run. But if you are 100% committed to FTP, you don’t have much reason not to max her.


She debuffs 3 enemies.

@solipsism Thank you! She’s eating some trainers right now …

@JussufSegelbaer Ah, thanks for clarifying. Hoping she had other magic skills I didn’t know about. :smile:

Gonna echo @Obsidian here. Like you, I’m FTP, and Domitia is my most powerful hero. She sits at +9 and has an overall power of 802. When she was at 3^70, I was kind of disappointed in her durability and special damage, but now that she is maxed and emblemed, I’m feeling pretty good about her. Her sniper hit is comparable in damage to my Poseidon +2, although Poseidon is obviously fast mana.

As was pointed out to me recently, there are 8 nodes on the rogue tree that increase attack, so that special just keeps getting better from a damage standpoint. Plus, her evade happens often enough to be pretty effective. I was actually really pleased to draw her instead of Obakan or Quintus, and even though I have drawn Sartana since, I don’t feel bad about giving Domitia the tabards and now having to wait on Sartana. You can do way worse, my FTP friend.


Domitia is one of those heroes that really doesn’t shine until maxed. Mine is at 3-70 and she is getting my next set of tabards.


Yes, it’s like your defence is about 1,7 times stronger against special abilities under Kadilen’s effect.

Damage is not so easy to calculate, change due many factors, but let’s say that if without Domitia and Kadilen defence buff your hero receive 200% damage against a holy special, with Domitia and Kadilen should be about 60%, a bit less then a third (only for special abilities)

As a FTP you could be waiting a long time for another dark hero. I am C2P and have been playing since near the very beginning (about 2.5 years). I didn’t pull Sartana until about 1.5 years in. My only 5* holy were Vivica and Justice. That was with running TC20 on and off and doing monthly 10x pulls on events and Atlantis Rises. Play with what you have. Yes she is good and worth ascending. Many 5* are not as good as a maxed 4* until you final ascend them.

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oh man you’re talking about a 2/60 Domitia… not even Kage is good at 2/60. Max her asap

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I have a maxxed +7 Dom. With my mana troops, she hits as hard as Sartana plus has the dispel.

Ok, the average mana isn’t great, but she’s very serviceable for a TC20 hero.


I think this is not true or I have a bug when I play.

last week i fight an 14* yellow hydra
khiona emblem7 +20% defense turte shield
+94% against yellow (holy) and took 823 damage

Rigard with +20% def
but without +94% def against holy
will take about 999 damage
looks like the holy protection doesn’t work?

Check this video from another 7DA alliance member:

Guardian kong +94% against Ice doesn’t protect a lot green or yellow units.

Please, if anyone can record and screenshot their titan battle with domitia
and see weird damages, please contact me on Line or here.
SG are waiting I send more proof of the bug,
they wrote “Yes, I can confirm that this has been thoroughly tested and that there are no issues with Domitia’s Special Skill which provides +94% defense against Holy damage (nor any Hero that provides an increased defense against elements)”

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I would love to help you but can’t :sweat_smile:

That’s how i explain her skill, but numbers are always a bit strange in this game.

I can’t guarantee that i don’t misunderstood her shield protection as i never actually use it recently.


I am a 100% F2P, and I have Domitia maxed and +1 talent. She is a very good hero, actually. And like everyone else has already said, you need to play with what you have instead of waiting on a hero you may never get. Love for Domitia from me!

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