Does reworked Aegir get the scopes?

Well does he? :slight_smile:
In need of a good tank and this change seems to make him alot more valuable.

I believe he is definitely a viable tank option now with the changes. A lot depends of course on what, if any, your other options are, and the other heroes on your team.


We have to wait and see, now on paper he looks like a Kiril+Gunnar on steroids which is definitely better than the old Aegir. Now you definitely have to stack greens to make him fall and he can really punish a bad/average board. Lets wait and see.


I have just enough mats for him at 3-70, might hold to see razors rankings in the next month before pulling the trigger.

He’s going to become an even more annoying support flank, which he already is.

As tank ok, but on flank :star_struck:


I think he is much better now as supportive hero, especially in offense, so yes I think I will give him the scopes now.

I never got the point of discussing him as tank all the time (no offense of course). As a tank, well, he can be shot as all tanks. I have Guin as tank (in a team with TP 4180) and my defense loses 8/10 times and that’s probably because of a bad board. The same will happen with Aegir, but why should I care? I’m not online when it happens and can win the cups back when I play.

He still wont get scopes from me. If he was yellow, i would sing a different tune. But the changes are definitely an improvement.

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Basically ( only noting my maxed or potential cantidates)
maxed( or close to):Alasie lianna GM Tarlak Joon Drake marjanna GP sartanna

A ways away but may be on my main D one day:
Aegir kunchen

Given these heros and may make a last ditch effort for Ariel and or Frida, would you acend Ageir? Currently 6 scopes, also have 3-70 alasie #2

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I would always (always) choose Ariel or Frida over Aegir.

By the way, I cannot spell Frida without typing Friday.
So aggravating.


Yo, btw, does Richard worth mats?

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Full ACK. Aegir won’t get them before next Atlantis is over.
Only if I don’t find Arial and or Frida he will be the lucky one.
Today I might be mad,
tomorrow I’ll be glad
'Cause I’ll have Frida on my mind

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If you have noone else, yes. Richard is good.

Now I have Aegir 2/60, Kiril 3/60, Grimm 3/60, Sonya 2/10 and Boril 0/0. I think I need to go with Kiril or Grimm in this scenario but maybe you have other opinion?

For me, no…but depends on what other heroes you have. Richard is way down the list for blue in my roster…I am planning Frida next, But even if I didn’t have her I would choose Magni, Isarnia or King Arthur before Richard myself.

Kiril first, Grimm second, Boril is a sneaky good hero at your roster level.

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I love Boril! I have used some emblems on him, and he hangs with the 5* in many raid and war battles.

Love the counter attack!


Boril with emblems is almost unfair. He is one of the quicker heroes to reach that 5* tier comparison, due to his high def stat.

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Well I already gave him the scopes before due to the lack of other blue 5*s.
Kinda wished he had a more reliable heal, but the rework is great. There are still better tanks and better blue heroes, but If you have no one else he’s a viable option to give scopes to.


I don’t think the change will help him on defense. Especially with so many debuffers out there. Evelyn will still destroy him, maybe even more so with his nature defense down gone. Offense he will be really good though. I can see him worth the scopes if looking for a solid offensive blue. It pains me to even say that because I really do not like him lol


I missed the update with aegir can somebody fill me in