Who gets my scopes?

Hi all, have read a couple of these threads already, but hoping for some advice…

I just got a 6th scope to fully ascend my first blue 5*, my choices are: Aegir, Richard or Frida.

One of these will join my def team of: Evelyn, Elena, Onatel (tank) and Kunchen.

Who would you give the scopes to, if anyone!? I’m aware i’m lacking some dmg atm…

Leaning towards Frida as she’ll be on my red titan team every time at least.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Frida for the same reasons that you gave.

Of those three, I’d give them to Frida. Aegir is a good tank, but not as versatile, and you already have Oatmeal and Kunchen as possible tanks. Richard is just lackluster compared to the other two


Oatmeal… lol. I will put my vote on Frida as well. My reason being is that you fight titans everyday. So, this should be your number 1 leveling motivator.

From those three You have Frida is probably the best option. She will be nice addition to Your offence (raids, wars, titans) and defence as well.

Aegir after the recent changes is definitely worth ascending as well. Especially when it comes to using him in wars and raids. You just need to wait for the next 6 scopes :wink:

I’m facing the same question but between Aegir and Isarina. I’m facing a lot of Aegir tanks at war and he’s very tough. I won’t be using him for war anytime soon though so I’m leaning towards Isarina.

She’s very slow but in situations like titans and quests where I can feed her mana pots, she can be deadly.

As I thought - Frida it is! Thanks everyone