Aegir question

There seems to be a very polar opposite view on Aegirs ability as a tank…and i havent been playing the game long so maybe im just late to the party, but ive seen where some were saying he sucked “before they changed him”…so my question is…does he still suck or is he better now? Keep in mind that my application for using him is probably different that most of yours…im not, nor will i be competing in the top 100…my team power sits around 3700…my alliance score is a little over 98k and we cant defeat the 7* thunder unicorn…so with that in mind is he a waste to invest in? Should i poor more time into QoH or Boss wolf? Or is he my best option? Thanks

Aegir is a great tank even in the top 100. When I use Aegir tank people don’t even raid me very often I think a lot of people just avoid him. And then some people have heroes like Zeline, Evelyn, Hatter, those people will attack me and still sometimes fail. I see people in my tower all the time who took 2 or 3 tries to kill me and I check their defense and they are Zeline owners or something. He’s great.

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Since all three of those heroes are different elements and require different ascension materials (royal tabards, farsight telescopes and mystic rings), I don’t think you should disqualify Aegir.

Aegir is a serviceable, pretty good tank who can be great against other players who don’t know how to attack/take advantage of him.

I wouldn’t shy away from leveling him unless you had some stronger 5* ice candidates and a limited amount of resources to level a legendary ice hero.

Thanks for the advice guys…my only other 5* ice hero is King Arthur…hes sitting at 3^70…im working aegir up to that…hes sitting at 3^46…still waiting on 2 scopes either way though.

Well between the two I recommend King Arthur instead. His elemental debuff is very rare and very powerful. Plus he hits pretty hard and has some additional utility. He’s a top tier blue hero. Aegir is great but he’s not King Arthur :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just when i thought i had it figured out lol…thanks again

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