Aegir or Miki?

Thanks to Frostmarch I just got my 6th scope.

Miki - For titans. Already have Ranvir but I could optimize my teams with those 2. Could do Miki (Red, Blue, Yellow) and Ranvir (Purple, Green).

Aegir - For general war and raid depth. Don’t plan on switching my tank. Kunchen is my boy!

Thanks in advance for the advice!!!

I think your titan level would be a deciding factor… maybe 10* and below, max aegir. 11/12s go miki. With the rollout of 13/14s, you’ll want him maxed, I’d imagine. I’m interested in hearing the thoughts from others.


Yeah you have to look long. If you plan on higher titans Miki is a must. Aegir gives trouble too people with limited benches but is feared by no one that can field a decent team. Unless your limited for tanks or blues Miki will help you more when your titans are being killled.

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@Math4lyfe I’ve been doing well vs 12* using Wilbur + Miki 3/70. Started using him when he was 2/15 and he was effective with the spirit link but also the 5 turns of silence and mana boost.
Aegir like @Texas1970 said will be useful, especially if your alliance swaps in blue tanks, but isn’t feared.

Depends on the number of scopes and other heroes but if you only have 6 scopes, then go Miki.

You already have a decent war and raid team. So Aiger will mostly sit om the back bench. You will get more game play from Miki and his advantage against Titans. Miki will also be an asset for war depth when you have to put weaker teams against stronger teams. In your case I would have gone with Miki first.

Do you have Wilbur emblemed?

Thanks all for your help and guidance. Been struggling with this one.

I have 6 scopes exactly… so no spares.
We are currently fighting 11* titans.
Right now Miki at 3-70 only gets used against red titans, and I use mana pots early 'cause he doesn’t survive long. Ranvir covers the others.
We alternate between yellow and purple tanks at the moment for wars… so no need there.

You are all right, with the depth I have now - I’d only be using Aegir for war depth.
Seems redundant given I just maxed Ranvir 2 months ago; but Miki woud be used for 3 out of 5 titans + war depth.

So far I really like Miki against titans, I feel he’s slightly superior than Ranvir because of the misses when I’m trying to stun the titan. It gets frustrating. Miki is slow, but I’m mana potting him most times anyways.

Thanks again - I think Miki it is.

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