Develop more 4*, Final Ascend current 4*, or start on some 5* - advice please

Hi. I am now about 6 months in and doing OK. Finished Season 1 map. SH at 20. Raiding in low-mid Platinum. In a friendly alliance doing mainly 6* titans.

So far I have focused on developing three rainbow teams with my preferred 4*’s, but am getting close to having to decide whether to start on more 4*’s, do the final ascension on some 4*’s, or start developing some of the 5* I have so far left untouched. I also have one fully levelled 3* team.

I have a reasonable collection of ascension mats - see below.

Any advice on next steps would be very welcome!

My current 4*/5*’s are as follows (in order of current ascension):


5* Khiona - 3/70 and short of tabards. I have 4 of them.
4* Rigard - 3/60
4* Sabina - 3/60
4* Merlin - 1/12 - my current purple project
4* Tiburtus - 1/1
4* Cyprian - 1/1


4* WuKong - 4/70
4* Gretel - 3/60
4* Guardian Jackal - 3/60
4* Li Xiu - 1/1 - my next intended yellow project
4* Hu Tao - 1/1
4* Danzaburo - 1/1
4* Chao


4* Kiril - 4/70
4* Sonya - 3/60
4* Grimm 3/60
4* Boril 1/1 - my next intended blue project
5* Aegir - 1/1
5* Thorne 1/1


4* Melendor - 4/70
4* Caedmon - 3/60
5* Evelyn 2/56 - my current Green project.
5* Elkanen - 1/1
4* Little John - 1/1
4* Kashrek - 1/1
4* Gadeirus - 1/1
4* Skittleskull - 1/1


4* Scarlett - 4/70
4* Colen - 3/60
4* Boldtusk - 3/60
5* Marjana - 2/19 - my current red project
5* Zimkitha - 1/1
5* Mitsuko - 1/1
4* Sir Lancelot - 1/1
4* Gormek - 1/1
4* Kellie - 1/1


Damascus Blade - 7
Tome of Tactics - 5

RED: Hidden Blades - 9, Mystic Rings - 8 (intended for Marjana)

BLUE: Warm Capes - 8, Telescopes - 4

GREEN: Sturdy Shields - 8, Tonics - 5

YELLOW: Orbs - 11, Darts - 5

PURPLE: Trap tools - 12, Tabards - 4

Compass - 15
Fine Gloves - 11
Chain Mail - 47
Battle Manual - 59
Scabbard - 46
Boots - 54

Thanks in advance

I would max Rigard, Gretel, Grimm, Marjana and Evelyn. You have the materials (1 more tonic, but…) and they will be much more useful to you maxed.

If you get Evelyn to 3/70 before you get that last tonic, max Caedmon.


Thanks @Hazard. So, you think its better to max those 4s to 4/70 and 5’s to 4/80 now, rather than take a fourth team of 4*'s to 3/60 to add greater depth for wars.

Its a tough call, and those mats are so precious!

I would. The Maxed heroes will make it easier to complete events and rare quests which will make those mats less difficult to obtain :slight_smile:

But it depends on your priorities in the game. War depth would be temporarily sacrificed so if that’s more important to you, then it’s not wrong to build out depth first. The other advantage to waiting to max is that you have the chance to get lucky and pull heroes you prefer over the ones you have.

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How well do you tend to perform in seasonal quests and events with your current roster?

My general rule of thumb is: get together a roster good enough to complete the seasonals and events, because you need to win those ascension mats when they’re on offer. Once you have that, focus on adding depth for war and titans.


I would max Rigard, Grimm, boldtusk Marjana and Evelyn. All great chars and useful and it does make quite a difference if a hero is 3 60 or 4 70.

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Hi @Garanwyn Thanks for your input. The last Avalon event I completed the EPIC part with my top team to get all the mats. I only did a few levels of Rare and Legendary. And I have got to the end of the most recent Rare quests without too much trouble. On Santa Challenge I completed the normal levels, and got as far as stage 14 on the advanced levels.

Thanks @Cliarh - sounds good.
Although I think I might hold back on Boldtusk. If I use 4 blades on him, then I won’t have enough left to take Marjana to 3/70 and then 4/80. If I get more blades I will then take Boldtusk further. Make sense?

Agree that Rigard, Grimm and Evelyn deserve the mats for next ascension. And possibly Gretel too

Thanks again

Any more advice?
@Kerridoc, @ItsaDragon, @Radar1, @Aviendha - you all gave me great advice last time which was really useful
And I’m ever hopeful of a @RandaPandah essay :grinning:

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Khiona is very good hero you can max her and be happy, you should first upgrade Rigard and Merlin to 4^70 Merlin is my only “mana eater” and he help me many times, ascend Tibs in future to
Thats good you have 4^70 Wukong, take Gretel and Jackal to 4^70, I will max Li Xiu
Max Grimm and Sonia, wait for better 5*
Take Eve to 3^70 and ascend her or wait for Lianna (Eve can work on 3^70 good), ascend Caedmon to, he is very good 4* in future LJ for tirans and Kash for wars
First finish Boldtusk for titans and raids, I dont know much about Mitsuko so after BT go with Mariana next Scarlett (beatiful glass canon) and Zim far how you can

Some more
If you get heroes like: Wilbur, Proteus, G.Falcon ascend them fast as you can
Be happy :slight_smile:


Thanks @Radar1 for taking the time for such a thoughtful reply - I really appreciate it.

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I’ll write up one of my long essays, but only because you asked :wink:

I’m sorry, I may be repeating what others have already said, but in order for me to make this a proper Randa post with many paragraphs, I must type up what I’d usually do :grin:

First, I gotta say, I may miss something since this isn’t a photo of your roster, but rather a list. So I apologize if this gets a little scrambled, or I miss something blaringly obvious.

If you find yourself having enough heroes for completing all of the necessary in-game activities with mats (ie Titans, seasonal events, challenges, and quests) is when I’d start focusing on your teams for war. If your team isn’t ready to complete all of those, I would focus on building the necessary heroes for that first. Acquiring mats always should come first :blush:

Honestly though, looking at the heroes you have leveled, I would think you’d be able to complete all rare quests, intermediate and advanced, and Titans alright. I know I can complete intermediate and advanced with 60 and 70 heroes, so I’d think you could too. Seasonal events, however, vary and usually require mana controllers and several items. The stronger the heroes, the better.

Now, leveling. I’d still focus on getting two to three 4* maxed first before starting on the 5* since 4* can be used everywhere and are less time and resource consuming. Even if you have the mats to max them, having enough choices stacking for Titans and events, is where having several 4* maxed in each color comes to play. I’d work on the 5* after you have at least two different maxed choices in each color.

Red: Scarlett is maxed (great tile damage), so I’d take Boldtusk there next for that buff and heal (amazing for Titans and events). You don’t have Wilbur, so I’d suggest leveling Gormek for a pulverizer in red. After that, you could start on your 5*, or continue with more 4*. The remaining 4* I’d focus on would be Lancelot for that buff and tile damage. (4*)

Marjana and Mitsuko are both amazing heroes. Marjana is a jack of all trades, so she’ll be very versatile and a great choice for your first red 80 (because ideally you want to go with the more versatile option since they may be your only 80 in that color for awhile). Mitsuko will be a fun hero to play with, but her reflect special will work the same at 70, whereas Marjana needs to max out to be most effective. If you just really love playing with Mitsy, then you could do her, but I’m leaning toward Marj first. Mitsy will be good for defense though, so if that’s where your priorities lie, and to make her less squishy, you could do her. Both are great heroes, so I don’t think you can really go wrong there.

Wow, just realized you also have Zimkitha lol had to go back and add that. Well, Zim’s cleanse and buff are nice at fast mana, but will still work the same at 70. I’m still leaning toward Marj, then Mitsy, then Zim (personally) (5*)

Colen is nice for defensive purposes, but he can wait to max. Kelile I would bring to 60 when you have the off time though, always want choices for war, but ultimately she should be last (Other 4*).

Blue: Kiril is maxed (great choice with banner and heal) so I’d work on maxing Grimm next since he’s the best pulverizer. Sonya would be third to max for that fast dispel (unless you pull Triton, he should come before her). (4*)

Your 5* options in this color aren’t the best, but the one I’d be more inclined to level would be Aegir. He’s a decent (ish) tank, but he’s also a healer, and you always need healers for war. Although, if you do many pulls, or are patient enough to wait- I would. You could take Aegir to 70, but idk if I’d go past that unless you’re sure he fits with your team, or you just never get any better options. Thorne, well he’s last (5*).

Honestly, I don’t value riposte all that much, so I’d skip leveling Boril unless you really love riposte. I’d take leveling Aegir before him honestly, but that’s just me (Other 4*).

Green: Melendor is maxed, so you have a deep healer with dispel, so after that I’d max Caedmon for a fast dispel. If you find yourself needing a solid tank for war or defense, or you need more healers for war, you could do Kashhrek next. Although, if you don’t need any of those things, I’d push him to the back (since being a tank is really all he’s good at). Since you need a buff in green, I’d do Gadeirus for blue Titans. Little John for the high attack stat, for solid tile damage in green. If you pull Buddy, put him at the top of the list (4*).

Evelyn is obviously amazing, and her dispel will still be helpful, but for her to shine she really needs some offensive greens to play with. I’d put maxing her in the works after you get Caedmon done, maybe even LJ or Gade, depending on how patient you are. She should go to 60/70 so you can still use her for blue Titans, but I’d get working on a few more green 4* before going through all of the trouble of maxing her. Elkanen, well he should be next to last, right before Skittles lol (5*).

Yellow: Wu Kong is maxed, good. Since I don’t see many mana controllers in your roster, I’d actually max Gretel first (unless you get Merlin up there) because mana controlling is crucial for completing a lot of challenges and quests. If you get one leveled before you need to start on her, then I’d do Jackal first for purple Titans and tanks. He really needs other offensive yellows to play with though, so I’d maybe still put him behind Gretel if need be. After that, you could do either Li Xiu or Chao - one is better for defense and controls all mana, the other is better for events, is faster, and controls one person’s mana. I’d do one, then the other. Danza you could do next if you can handle the unpredictability, but idk about him. Hu Tao should be last (4*).

Purple: I’d max Rigard when you get the chance; cleansing is a necessary tool you need in your roster. Plus, he has a nice deep immediate heal. After that, definitely Merlin- his mana control is one of my favorites and he’s super fun to play with. Then, I’d get Tibs up for a pulverizer in purple, always need defense down in every color for Titans and their respective tanks. After that, Sabina because always need more healers. Leave Cyprian til last. If you pull Proteus, move him to the top of the list (4*).

Khiona is an amazing hero, and her buff is incredible. She’ll be mostly used for Titans, but a great hero to ascend once you get the chance. Although, if you pull Kageburado (in Atlantis) or Sartana, I’d maybe put them ahead of her, but she comes before any of the other regular purple 5* (imo). Even though her buff works best paired with Wilbur and Mok-Arr, you’ll still find plenty of use for her as is (5*).

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing, or too many words. & Hopefully I didn’t repeat too much of what’s already been said; I’ll be honest, I didn’t read everything before typing this up. Honestly, I’d keep with leveling the first few 4* I’ve listed first, then work on the 5*. Hope this helps, good luck! :blush:


Aw - @RandaPandah - you are so generous with your time, experience and wisdom. Thank-you so much

As to completing the quests/events etc, the last Avalon event I completed the EPIC part with my top team to get all the mats. I only did a few levels of Rare and Legendary. And I have got to the end of the most recent Rare quests without too much trouble. On Santa Challenge I completed the normal levels, and got as far as stage 14 on the advanced levels.

You have given me so much to think about.
Its such a tough call to focus on building depth with 4s when you have some 5’s sitting in the roster pleading with you to level them! But I think you are probably right.

Thank you so much again - and have a lovely Christmas

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A very good strategy which helps your prioritize:

  1. Materials above everything.
  2. Unless you have the materials for a full ascension, focus on 4 star above 5 star.

Titan damage (which is probably the best source for ascension materials) is determined by:

  1. Wu Kong (Check).
  2. Attack bonus. Kiril (check). Boldtusk needs to be upped. Then Gadeirus
  3. Shield Debuff… You have the Ramming Pulverizer trio, yet not ascended yet => Grimm, Tibs and Gormek.
  4. Elemental Debuff => You have Jackal and Evelyn.
  5. Staying alive! Kiril/Boldtusk/Melendor/Rigard all help in that area.

Looking at your list that gives the following projects:

  • Purple: Rigard, then Tiburtus
  • Red: Boldtusk, then Gormek
  • Blue Grimm. then Sonya
  • Green Caedmon, then Evelyn, then Gadeirus.
  • Yellow: Jackal, Gretel.

I cued the 3/60 heroes first, so Rigard goes ahead of Tiburtus.

I understand you are upping Evelyn (Hard to resist), but as long as you miss that Tonicum I advice focussing on finishing a few 4 stars. 4 star ascension materials (which you all need for 3-4th stage 5 star) are generally easy to get and leveled 4 star will help you there.

Further: mana control is very nice, but “cheesing” events with Bombs/Dragon attacks is a shortcut for seasonal events. Raiding is a lot of fun, but won’t yield much items (it yields food, which is not to be sneezed at), so I’d put Merlin behind the foundation of Rigard/Tiburtus.

Keep in mind that the 4 stars will not be wasted due to Wars/events etc. You will need them anyway, so finish them.

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Thank-you so much @Grimzy. Everyone is so knowledgable and helpful here. Its amazing

  • Purple: Rigard, then Tiburtus - I can certainly spare 4 trap tools for Rigard - so will go with that

  • Red: Boldtusk, then Gormek - noted. Boldtusk certainly deserves 4 blades. Hard to resist Marjana when I already have 6 Rings!

  • Blue Grimm. then Sonya - I just gave Grimm 4 capes, so he is on his way

  • Green Caedmon, then Evelyn, then Gadeirus - you are right, but hard to resist Evelyn. I just gave her 4 shields so will take her to 3/70 now probably. Just 1 tonic short!!

  • Yellow: Jackal, Gretel. - noted and fully agree - Jackal or Gretel will be getting 4 orbs later today. Might have to toss a coin!

Thanks so much again - Merry Christmas

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You’re definitely making the right call re. Evelyn/Caedmon. Based on the best-estimate damage equation by the community, damage starts to really spike once attack gets well above defense. So as long as Evelyn is delivering her 8/8 special debuff, it’s critical to get Caedmon’s attack stat as high as possible to make full use of that debuff.

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Thanks @Garanwyn
Regarding Evelyn/Caedmon - looks like I am in the market for 4 more sturdy shields then!
My immediate dilemma is with Yellow - do I go Gretel or G.Jackal to 4/70. I have yellow feeders waiting!! Decisions, decisions.

Merry Christmas

My vote is for Gretel. Mana control heroes make the events and seasonals dramatically easier, and Gretel is the only Mana control hero you have. Get her as sturdy as possible, and you’ll find you can push further up the legendary paths.

ETA: they’re also super useful for titans

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Just wanted to post an update following all your great advice a month or so ago.
I think I have progressed pretty well. Now have a TC20, a TC19 and two TC11.
My alliance is progressing - now routinely doing 6*, and we just did our first 7* without using any flasks.
My current roster of reasonable levelled heroes is below, giving me 5 reasonable war teams, and some depth for colour stacking titans.
Really enjoying the journey.

Thanks to all again for your help in the past. Next steps are to get all those 3/60 4*'s to 4/70 !

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