Advice on next steps please

Hi. I am 3 months in and doing OK. C2P. SH nearly at 17. One TC 13 and one TC 11 working full time. Another TC 11 used as needed.

So far I have focused on one main rainbow team which currently stands at:

Purple - Khiona - 3/70 and well short of tabards
Yellow - WuKong - 4/31
Blue - Kiril - 4/35
Green - Melendor - 4/41
Red - Scarlett - 4/49

I aim to get this lot to 4/70 and then I have some decisions to make. I NOW need to decide what Purple 4* I work on next. I have a pretty decent levelled up 3* team.

The 4*/5* I have available are as follows (and any more will have to come from TC’s I think)

Purple: Cyprian 1/1 and Rigard 1/1
Which to level first? I am thinking Cyprian as I already have a good healer in Melendor. But I have never used Perfect Riposte and not sure if its any good?

Yellow: Gretel 2/25

Blue: Sonya 1/1 and Ageir 1/43
I am thinking go with Sonya first

Green: Caedmon 2/20

Red: Colen 3/28, Boldtusk 1/1, Kellie 1/1 and Zimkitha 1/1
I have no clue which one to level first when I have finished with Scarlett

Any advice on levelling strategy much appreciated!
I am currently doing OK raiding, but fare less well in wars and titans due to lack of depth.

Thanks in advance

Purple: Rigard, he’s golden in every aspect of the game!

Yellow: Gretel! Her mana control will be very useful in raids and events!

Blue: If you can max Sonya, go with her first I suggest. Otherwise Aegir won’t hurt as well since you already have Melendor and Ceadmon as dispellers.

Green: Caedmon is a really nice option and a fast dispeller.

Red: Boldtusk is a very good 4* with great versatility. But you already have lots of healers. However, his attack buff is really useful! Colen can be deadly with his high attack stat and DoT (damage over time). Kelile is a mediocre fast mana hitter. I’d definitely level both to 3/60 at least. Then it’s up to you, depending on your play-style. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I think you have persuaded me to go Rigard next for purples, even though he will be another healer. I am a bit suspicious of Cyprian and perfect riposte. And after Scarlett, I think you are right that I should finish Colen who is part ascended anyway. Then maybe Boldtusk after that. Save Zimkitha for much later in the game I think. Thanks again.

Here’s a hero grading sheet created from some of the top players of E&P:

This might help you with other hero leveling decisions further down the road :slight_smile: Just keep in mind that those grades are their own perception of the heroes and do not necessarily have to go along with other opinions or specific roster situations facing.

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I LOVE my Cyprian but I have both him and Rigard maxed.

Boril is also Perfect Riposte if you want it in Blue. The trick with Cyprian/Boril is that they create a “revenge shield” of sorts covering themselves and one at each side, so put them in one of the middle three positions. Perfect Riposte doesn’t prevent you from being killed, but it sometimes takes the enemy with you.

I have two Cyprians and I use him most in war. :slight_smile:

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Thank all for the advice and pointers.
I am still really conflicted about whether to go with Rigard or Cyprian next. Rigard is probably the better hero, but I already have ascended healers in Melendor and Kiril. Decisions, decisions!
I will have to pick soon, as I have purple feeders waiting to be fed!
Any final opinions before I plump for one or the other?
Good job its only a game eh.

The best thing about Rigard and why I say you should ascend him is his cleanse. He’ll cure all allies’ status ailments. Nowadays with Gravemaker and other heroes, he’s golden to remove the burn or blind and I’d ascend him any day over Cyprian!


OK @Aquaginera. Done! Those purple feeders are heading Rigard’s way. Cant really have too many healers eh.
Thank-you for your wise counsel everyone


After BT go for Zim.
She is a great cleaning up heroe and her 25% more attack is nice.
Her fast mana will help ya so much.

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