Where next with my 4*s and 5*s? Advice gratefully received!

Hi. I am now 4 or 5 months in and doing OK. Cheapish to play, but do spend a little. Finished Season 1 map. SH nearly at 19. One TC 13 and one TC 11 working full time. Another TC 11 used as needed.

So far I have focused on developing two rainbow teams with my preferred 4*’s, but am getting close to having to decide whether to start on more 4*’s or start developing some of the 5* I have so far left untouched. I also have one fully levelled 3* team.

My current 4*/5*’s are as follows:

5* Khiona - 3/70 and well short of tabards. I only have 2.
4* Rigard - 3/24 - my current purple project. I have mats to get to level 4 (7 trap tools)
4* Cyprian - 1/1
4* Sabina - 1/1

What next after Rigard is finished?

4* WuKong - 4/70
4* Gretel - 3/9 - my current yellow project. I have mats to get to level 4 (4 orbs)
4* Guardian Jackal - 1/1
4* Hu Tao - 1/1
4Li Xiu - 1/1
Danzaburo - 1/1

What next after Gretel is finished?

4* Kiril - 4/70
4* Sonya - 2/15 - my current blue project . I have 3 warm capes at the moment.
5* Aegir - 1/1

What next after Sonya? Do I start on Aegir, or wait for another blue 4* or 5*

4* Melendor - 4/70
4* Caedmon - 3/1 - my current Green project. I only have 2 sturdy shields though
4* Little John - 1/1
4* Kashrek - 1/1
4* Gadeirus - 1/1
5* Elkanen - 1/1

What next after Caedmon. is it worth starting on Elkanen?

4* Scarlett - 4/70
4* Colen - 3/57 - my current red project. But I only have 2 hidden blades so am going to be stuck soon.
4* Boldtusk - 1/1
4* Kellie - 1/1
5* Zimkitha - 1/1 - I do have 6 mystic rings, but only those 2 hidden blades.

What next after I get Colen to 3/60? Is it worth starting on Zimkitha, or should I maybe go Boldtusk next?

So many decisions!
Any advice on levelling strategy much appreciated!
I like to do all aspects of the game - raiding, titans and wars.

Thanks in advance

After Rigard make Sabina
If you have 7+ magic orbs finish Gretel and next Guardian Jackal, but you have >5 orbs first finish G. Jackal
Finish Sonia and wait for another blue 4* or 5* (dont ascend aegir, but keep him)
After Caedmon you probably should make Kashrek(very good tank, better than some 5* in this position) or if you dont want tank you can take Elkanen to 3^70(and ascend him to 4^01 or keep him on 3^70 forever), you can maxed Little John for blue titans and events first
First finish Boldtusk(one of the best 4* heroes), next keep your blades for Zimkitha, I heard she is awesome
I hope It’s help you some

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I largely agree with @Radar1. Some points of exception:


I’m not a fan of Elkanen, and you’re short of sturdy shields. Elkanen at 2/60 is a waste of feeders. I’d finish Caedmon then shift to Kashhrek.


Tough call given your blade crunch. I think I’d counsel going with Zimkitha, hoping to collect blades to level her up. Blades are relatively easy compared to rings. Do you have a Damascus blade and a tome of tactics for her?


If the goal is to have an extra green for raids, titans and AW, it seems to me that little John is a better option. Kashhrek is good for the only thing: to be a defense team tank. If there are other options for a defense team, Kashhrek looks useless to me.

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Fair point, and I dithered about Little John. Trouble is the OP doesn’t really have anything of quality for tank.

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Kiril or Rigard could be a tank for mid level raiding. OP is short of shields thus specially work on Kashhrek to make him a tank could be an overkill. Colen flanked by Kiril could also work as a good tank.

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Purple- Max Rigard then work on Sabina.
Yellow- I would stop leveling Gretel now and switch to G. Jackal. But you’re already close to 3.70. Do not go further until you get Jackal to 4.80
Blue- Use Kiril as your tank, max Sonya, then start leveling Aegir unless you get a better blue striker.
Green- I would prioritize it exactly as you have them listed.
Red- Bring Colen to 3.70, then max boldtusk and look for Zimkitha to be your first maxed 5*.

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Thank you so much for all your kind replies.
I think you have convinced me that I should mainly continue to develop 4s and mostly leave 5’s for now ( with the possible exception of Zimkitha)

Purple - I will go with Sabina when I have finished Rigard

Yellow - I will get Gretel to 3/70 and then start work on Guardian Jackal

Blue - I will take Sonya as far as I can, and hope for some other blue before I go anywhere near Aegir.

Green - this is the hardest choice - I will start with little John I think when I have taken Caedmon as far as I can. Then Kashrek.

Red - another tough one. When I have got Colen to 3/70 I think I will find it hard to resist starting on Zimkitha. @Kerridoc I do have 6 rings, a damascus blade and a tome of tactics. Its just hidden blades I lack (I have 2) so I will hope to collect more soon. But then again, maybe Boldtusk first as some of you suggest???

At the moment i am mostly using a team of Melendor-Scarlett -Khiona - WuKong - Kiril for most things (in that order). All at 4/70 except Khiona at 3/70. I stay consistently in Platinum for raids at about 2000-2100 cups. Do you all think that is reasonable, or can be improved?

I have 3 Damascus Blades, 2 telescopes, 4 Tonics, 6 rings, 3 Darts, 2 Tabards, 4 tome of Tactics, 10 compass, 7 gloves, 2 Hidden Blades, 4 Orbs and plenty of chainmail.

I am NOT planning on trying to summon many more heroes - but may have one 10x pull at the Christmas event.

Thanks again to you all for all your help

One final Atlantis pull with gems I earned - and I got 5* red Mitsoku!
So now I have an even harder red dilemma - do I go to 5* now, and if do, do I go with Zimkitha or Mitsuko?

Nice problem to have!
Any thoughts?

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For Red I would definitely go with BT. He is a very good tank. It will take forever to level the 5s.

I would wait a bit either way and let the dust settle on Mitsuko. See how she is being used and what her strengths/weaknesses are.


I agree. Based on what I know now, I would choose Zimkitha as a better generalist 5*. It’s much less scary facing GM on tank when you have a fast cleanser on your side. I think Mitsuko is situationally great, but she’s not a generalist hero.

But I agree with @ItsaDragon: get a solid 4* team in place, and BT is one of the best 4*. With ten maxed 4* you can complete all Rare Quests and both epic and legendary levels of Challenge Events. You’ll also be strong on titans. All of these generate more rare mats, which you will need lots of to build 5s to complement your 4 foundation.


Well, my Colen just got to 3/60, so I have that red decision to make now, given that I still only have those 2 hidden blades.
I have decided! I will follow your sage advice and work on Boldtusk next, get him to 3/60 as well, and then re-assess the hidden blade situation.
And by then I will know better if i then move on to Zim or Mitsuko.
Thanks @Kerridoc and @ItsaDragon and everyone

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