Making the jump from 4* team to 5* team

Hi all—have been plateauing in the game for a bit with a 4* team. Recently have been getting enough 5* heroes to make a team but wanted guidance on how best to do this. I’ve been enjoying Elena but have read that she might not be best in a team. I’ve included screenshots below, but have been trying out:

Leonidas/Wu Kong-Rigard-Richard-Marjana-Elkanen


I realize that I have a ways to go in the game, but I’m struggling a bit on how best to take the next step and take my game to the next level. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!

Hi, all people will say you, finish 3 rainbow 4* first…even 3 rainbow 3*…
Have you got it?
If yes, have you got mats for finish 5*?..
I can’t see on the pics


You look F2P/C2P from the roster. Who do you have maxed in 4*? I only see three there, Sonya / Wu / Rigard. I’d finish Scarlett and Chao, Grimm and Melendor.

Do you participate in Alliance Wars? You need many more 4* for that.


Yea, F2P here so not dealing with an over abundance of materials. If the best bet is to work on the 4* heroes for the time being (specifically the ones you mention), then I will do that and continue to see what TC20 pumps out to build out the best 5* team when the time is right

Yeah defo level some 4* before 5*
Even some 3*

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Hi again, I’m f2p too…so, better way is prepare for collect mats.
How?..a great teams of 3* for play games, tournaments etc to collect mats for level up 4*…it takes a lot of time, mats, feeders…more for f2p like us.


Agreed with what has been said already, finish the 4*s that you’re very close to getting to 4/70 anyway.

Now since you lack any 4* purple hitters, I’d do Tiburtus+costume next. He’s the most balanced of the ramming pulverizer trio, neither a squishy glass cannon (Grimm) nor a meat shield that hits like a wet noodle (Gormek), and that def down skill is just useful everywhere even well into mid-platinum.

Plus if you max out his costume, that 5/5/10/5 stat bonus is equivalent to about +9 talent, saving you many emblems. Additionally, if you can get a lv5 purple mana troop, he will now charge in 9 tiles flat, making him effectively fast due to the match-3 nature of this game. His costume is also awesome to have on your defense team btw.

After that I’d work on Buddy, because he is IMO one of the best (if not the best) 4* green tank. Even on offense, that atk+def down skill and the minions he provides can really improve your team’s durability. I’d bench Kashhrek for now since he’s good for one thing and one thing only: defensive tank. That’s his one role and he does it well to be fair, but he’s a one-trick pony who doesn’t do anything else.

I see you’ve started on Kiril, Mireweave, and Grimm. I’d probably prioritize Kiril at this point especially if you do Tiburtus as I mentioned. Having another healer in a different color is always useful, and the little bugger is sturdy enough that even at 3/60 you’ll get a lot of mileage out of him. Grimm I find is just a bit too squishy at 3/60, but he has awesome tile damage, and that ramming pulverizer skill is ever useful. Mireweave I’d put aside for now unless you have the feeders, she’s a bit niche and won’t really help you much outside of events where you can take your sweet time to charge her up multiple times and get her atk to something crazy like over 1000.


3*'s as well. They will max out much faster and give you heroes to compete in a lot of quests/events/tournaments/wars with. Does your alliance help you out with gameplay questions?


Thanks a lot everyone for all of the advice. I’m seeing the theme of essentially ditching 5* ascension for a while and work on building out strong 4* heroes and teams. I will work on this going forward with the priority on those heroes that rho and nevarmaor mentioned (thanks!). Hopefully this will help elevate my game and will give my TC20 some more time to pump out more heroes.

Good luck everyone!

In general, don’t work on a 5* unless you have all the materials to ascend all the way (or are really close). You can count on when materials will be available like clockwork — 1 every 2.5 months from rare quests, 2 a year from events, and now POV. Unless you’re super efficient it will probably take 4-6 weeks to get a 5 to 3/70, and the same amount of time to go from 4/1 to 4/80. So you can plan accordingly.

A fully ascended 4* is more powerful than a 5 stuck at 3/70, especially when you consider emblems. And it takes less food (and thus time) to level the 4.

I have an Elkanon that’s been sitting at 3/70 since October. And will keep sitting there. I’ve gotten 2 other green 5s that were better (Tarlak, Telluria), and I now am more likely to ascend Kadilen than him. Unless I get someone better. Which is likely. I would have been better off working on anyone else though.