Defense Blue Arthur or Magni

Hi to all,

Got a question witch of this would fit better in my defense team Arthur or Magni?

Rest of defense teams is: QoH, Kunchen, Inari, Greg.

Plan is to use it for raid and war auto defense.

Also to add in this topic. What green would be best for defense team from above.

Got: Greg, Elken, Margie, Morgan and Hatter?

I think I’d lean toward Magni on defense. Both are good heroes though.

The Hatter, the Hatter, and the Hatter again. Honestly, that is a biased opinion. I love his special and am still sad I didn’t pull him. On raid defense, Morgan is better, especially war defense during a healing war


I was leaning to Arthur for blue as his defense points are better. But Magni is more useful, I have Isnaria 4/80+5 she is slow on mana but worth of wait.

I hear you for Hatter, thought Morgan second to have more diversity.

Magni is a good, solid hero.
I don’t think you’ll regret maxing him.

But I would defo take Art to 3-70 as well. He’s incredible for titans. His elemental def down utility can be fine for this at 3-70 as it is dependant on skill level not hero level.


If I have Frida then it is the same?

I have Arthur on 3/70 and Magni on 3/65 he will be 3/70 by tomorrow.

I will level them both but wondered who to do first. For now got ascension material for one.

Looking on Anchor grade rate Magni is better for def. so he will go first. Magni is def. A and Arthur B, I don’t now is this is super accurate but will go on Magni for now.

I have Frida 2/38 to but she will be my 4-5 choice to max level. I don’t look at here as super good hero all do she is very hard to beat in raids.

She would be great with Isnaria to efficiently kill.

They have the same color-defense reduction, but Arthur is somewhat better on Titans (but not drastically) because of his attack debuff and stronger single-target special, which is typically more useful on a Titan than Frida’s dispel. Frida’s element link is definitely helpful against Green Titans where you’ll have a blue stack, however.

Some more thoughts here:

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I have read everything on this subject but still couldn’t decide who to level first so opened fresh thread.

Magni is probably a better all around hero, especially if you already have Frida. Whatever incremental benefit you get on Titans from with Arthur over Frida, it’s not worth the difference in other situations between Arthur and Magni.

I was looking on who was better for defense in war and raid Magni or Arthur.
Got Isnaria 4/80+5 now and she is very easy to kill in def. cause of slow mana.
She is very good in offense and titan smacking.

Magni is definitely the better defender.

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Thx for help :smile:

Magni is a better defender than King Arthur and if you flank your Kunchen with him his personal defense buff couldn’t be removed if not by dispel as he is immune to negative defense’s status effect.


This was my thought to. Flank Kunchen and Inari with Magni in the middle and on other flank put QoH and Morgan or Hatter on far back.

I would like to make great def. team for war and raids.

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I presumed you mean red Titans? Would you stack up blue heroes against green Titans? You will have more deficit on damage done compared to the gain expected from elemental def buff against green.

Yes, I 100% mean red Titans :slight_smile:

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Definitely Magni, you need a fast mana sniper for that defense team

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