What Blue hero next

So I have a good line up already at 4/80 GM, Guin, Zeline, Sartana, Alasie, Aeron, Greg, Drake, Vivca, Khiona, as well as a handful fully level 4* as well. I am now looking to move to my next Blue 5* on the bench. Here is what I have waiting:

Perseus @ 2/25
Aegir 1/1
King Arthur 1/1
Richard 1/1
Misandra 1/1
Magni 1/26
Master Lepus 1/43

My main goal is Titan hits and Events. I am good on my raid team.

Any suggestions or recomendations

My vote would be for Aurthur or Missandra. They are both solid in their own way.

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Arthur anytime…

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I would second Arthur. If you stack 3 blues, imagine the damage if you hit in this order: Grimm, Arthur, Alasie. Devastating…


King Arthur if your goal is titan hits. He’s the only elemental debuff for blue.


Another for Arthur for titans. Magni runner up.

One more for Arthur.

His glorious beard alone sealed the deal for me.


Don’t discount Magni’s defense buff. It’s huge on higher level titans. I think he’s better than Missandra by far. Her special is wasted on a one enemy board. Arthur is likely the best though.

Why aren’t you leveling arthur? If you got him from the last avalon, you are missing out on red titan beast hits for at least 4 months.

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Since you have Alasie maxed, It makes Misandra a very appealing choice to me.

I feel like Alasie’s mana generation buff could do great things for you on offense when paired with Missy’s 3 chances at minor mana gain.

If not her, then definitely King Arthur.

Alasie debuffs three foes’ mana gen. She doesn’t help your team’s mana gen, so there is no direct synergy between Alasie and Misandra.

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Misandra for the potential extra hit and mana.

Arthur for the blue debuff.

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Thanks Kerridoc. I have no idea why I recalled it wrong lol. Makes no sense since I’ve gone up against her multiple times

Thanks folks. I went with Arthur. and now begins the slow climb

I need to start feeding a blue. I already have:

Kiril x 2

My choices are:

Grimm (2nd)

I’m not looking for defense, just war/stacking. And yes, I know those options are pretty bad but the alternative is to just feed my blue feeders to another colour.

Boril imo. With Aegir if you hit his flanks his hole team is an easy kill altho with 2 flanking healers it is tougher

I would also suggest Boril. I find him very underrated. I love taking him to war and on raids…

Aegir if you are just looking for stacking and not for raid defense.

He is great as you have better control of the board and specials.
Life link and elemental link + hp gain from tiles make him a good component for offensive blue stacks.

My vote goes to Arthur who would synergyse well on offense with Alasie. That would be helpful during events and titan hits obviously. If you use a mana potion on him before all your other ice heroes hit, it would be pretty devastating to the titan / event boss(es).

EDIT: Lol I realized this is an old thread revived by princess1. I’ll answer that question now… :blush:

I would go with a 2nd Grimm or Aegir myself. Go with the former for offense, or the latter for defense.

Boril was my first blue 4* and yet I ditched him as soon as I got Kirril, his counter is okay during offense against high damage enemies, but it is more situational than Kirrils heal + def boost and Grimms def down status.

Thanks everyone. My final decision is Aegir and it has more to do with just wanting to add a different hero to my stacking mix.

Both Boril and my 2nd Grimm will stay in my reserve until I finally decide one day to feed or feed away.


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