Help with red/blue for my defense team


I would need some help with my defense team.
I got lucky and drew Kunchen on my first x 10.

Can you please help me with some insight.

I got:

(Red) / (blue) / kunchen / drake / lianna

Available red heroes


Ares is maxed and I have enough materials for 1 more max level red.

Available blue heroes


Missandra is maxed and I have materials for 1 more blue.

I would like to hear your oppinions on which team setup is the best!

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

Mariana-multi missions hero
Isarnia is a monster but in defence Magni/Arthur are much better, you have fast heroes soo Arthur IMO

Tnx for the tips so far.

I would appreciate if people would just post direct line-up answers regarding the subject.

I am posting all my heroes to help you.
I got the mats to ascend fully 1 more char of each colour.

I vote for marjana and magni.

Kunchen is slow, if he surrounded by all fast heroes, then your defense will be awesome

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